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Predoctoral Interdisciplinary Research Training Programs in the Education Sciences


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Improving the Contribution of Schooling to Skills Required for Labor Market Success

Year: 2009
Name of Institution:
University of Chicago
Goal: Training
Principal Investigator:
Raudenbush, Stephen
Award Amount: $4,326,689
Award Period: 5 years
Award Number: R305B090025


The University of Chicago established its predoctoral training program, Interdisciplinary Training in Educational Research Methods, with an IES grant in 2005. Through the 2009 grant, the program continued to include faculty and recruited fellows from economics, comparative human development, mathematics, psychology, public policy, social services administration, and sociology. The training program took an approach to educational inquiry that focused on developmental transitions and their implications for success in the labor market. The fellows learned about major transitions for students: the first occurring from ages 3 to 8 years with a focus primarily on cognitive skills, the second occurring as students move into a new peer environment in secondary schools with a focus students sustaining academic motivation. Faculty and fellows synthesized the best research on how school organization and instruction influence these transitions while designing new research to advance this knowledge. The program also included ongoing intensive education workshops to supplement a shared set of courses and apprenticeships with a focus on application of the best scientific methods to address these questions.

List of Completed Fellows: Below is a list of the 26 fellows who received funding support from this award and completed the training program.

Applebaum, Lauren Heller, Sara*
Beechum, Nicole Jean, Marshall*
Berkowitz, Talia Keyes, Tasha
Bittmann, Russell Kim, Tae Yeun
Congdon, Eliza (ORCID) Kimmell, Daniel M.*
Deutsch, Jonah* Komisarow, Sarah
Elsaesser, Caitlin (ORCID) Kreisman, Daniel*
Fillmore, Ian* Novack, Miriam (ORCID)
Freeman, Cassiopeia Pifer-Hinze, Rebecca (ORCID)
Gibbs-Hutchinson, Chloe Pope, Nolan
Gibson, Dominic* (ORCID) Proger, Amy*
Gunderson, Elizabeth (ORCID)* Ramirez, Geraldo*
Heath, Ryan (ORCID) Steinberg, Matthew*

*Denotes fellows who also received funding from award R305C050076.

Project Website:

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