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Teachley Analytics Library: A Collection of Educational Apps Personalizing Gameplay and Reporting Insights

Year: 2015
Name of Institution:
Teachley, LLC
Goal: Phase I Development
Principal Investigator:
Carpenter, Kara
Award Amount: $150,000
Award Period: 6 months (5/1/2015-10/31/2015)
Award Number: EDIES15C0020


This project team is developing and testing a prototype of the Teachley Analytics Library, a platform intended to host third party-developed mathematics game apps for students in kindergarten through Grade 8. The prototype will include a dashboard to host games and generate formative assessment data to inform teacher instruction. In the Phase I pilot study, the team will examine whether the prototype functions as planned with 40 Grade 1 and 2 math teachers. The study will test if teachers are able to implement games within the classroom and utilize data to inform practice, and whether students are engaged by gameplay.