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Scaling Up a Language and Literacy Development Program at the Pre-Kindergarten Level

Year: 2002
Name of Institution:
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Goal: Scale-Up Evaluations
Principal Investigator:
Landry, Susan H.
Award Amount: $5,925,630
Award Period: 5 years
Award Number: R305W020002


Funded through the Interagency Education Research Initiative


Journal article, monograph, or newsletter

Landry, S.H., Anthony, J.L., Swank, P.R., and Monseque-Bailey, P. (2009). Effectiveness of Comprehensive Professional Development for Teachers of At-Risk Preschoolers. Journal of Educational Psychology, 101(2): 488–465.

** This project was submitted to and funded under the Interagency Education Research Initiative in FY 2002.