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Education Research and Development Centers


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Dr. Meredith Larson
(202) 245-7037


Under the Education Sciences Reform Act of 2002, the Institute supports national research and development centers (R&D Centers) that are intended to contribute significantly to the solution of education problems in the United States by engaging in research, development, evaluation, and national leadership activities aimed at improving the education system, and ultimately, student achievement. Each of the R&D Centers conducts a focused program of research in its topic area. In addition, each Center conducts supplemental research within its broad topic area and provides national leadership in advancing evidence-based practice and policy within its topic area. More information on existing Institute centers is available here.

Competitions for the National Research and Development Centers occur on an irregular basis. The Institute posts announcements of new competitions for the National Research and Development Centers in the Federal Register. For FY2021, the Institute is competing one new R&D Center through the Education Research and Development Center Program (84.305C).

The National Research and Development Center on Improving Teaching and Learning in Postsecondary Institutions (Postsecondary Center) will examine instructional innovations for improving postsecondary student learning outcomes. In particular, the Postsecondary Center will both examine how open-/broad-access institutions of higher education are leveraging technologies to personalize instruction in credit-bearing courses and build the capacity of administrators and instructors, developers, and researchers to create, implement, and evaluate solutions.