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Improving Pandemic Recovery Efforts in Education Agencies

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Dr. Corinne Alfeld
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Dr. Allen Ruby
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Dr. James Benson
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In FY 2022, IES established the Improving Pandemic Recovery Efforts in Education Agencies (Improving Pandemic Recovery) grant program to support research to counteract instructional and learning loss encountered by many learners during the COVID-19 pandemic; identify, explore, and evaluate state and local programs and policies designed to accelerate learning and recovery of those learners; and provide evidence to state and local agencies to improve learner engagement, reengagement, and achievement through recovery activities. Through this competition, IES aimed to support research that would address learning acceleration and recovery for underrepresented student subgroups that were disproportionately affected by COVID-19.

Under the Improving Pandemic Recovery grants program, IES established two research networks: the Prekindergarten Through Grade 12 Recovery Research Network to examine recovery activities in prekindergarten through grade 12 and the Community College Recovery Research Network to examine recovery activities in community colleges. Each network consists of a network lead and several projects that carry out research on recovery (research teams). Each research team includes at least one education agency (defined as state and local agencies involved in PreK–12 education or community college systems), and its research focuses on the learners and student subgroups being served by that agency and the recovery activities the learners are engaged in. The specific research questions addressed by each research team are determined by the education agencies taking part in the project. The network leads coordinate activities across the research teams and provide national leadership on learning acceleration and recovery from pandemic-induced learning loss, sharing findings from the network with education agencies across the U.S.