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Effects of Preschool Curriculum Programs on School Readiness: Report from the Preschool Curriculum Evaluation Research Initiative

NCER 2008-2009
July 2008

Table H.  Findings by student-level outcomes

Curricula Reading   Phonological 
 Language   Mathematics   Behavior 
Bright Beginnings           
Creative Curriculum (Vanderbilt)           
Creative Curriculum (UNC-Charlotte)           
Creative Curriculum with Ladders to Literacy           
Curiosity Corner  Pre-K: 0
K: +
DLM Early Childhood Express with
Open Court Reading Pre-K 
Pre-K: +
K: +
Pre-K: +
K: +
Pre-K: +
K: +
Doors to Discovery           
Early Literacy and Learning Model      Pre-K: 0
K: +
Language-Focused Curriculum           
Letís Begin with the Letter People           
Literacy Express           
Pre-K Mathematics with DLM Early
Childhood Express Math software 
      Pre-K: +
K: 0
Project Approach          Pre-K: 0
K: -
Project Construct           
Ready, Set, Leap!           

NOTE: Abbreviations of the findings are:

Pre-K: Pre-kindergarten
K: Kindergarten
+: Finding of a positive impact
-: Finding of a negative impact
Blank Cell: Finding of no impact
0: Finding of no impact (when an impact is found for the other grade)

SOURCE: The Preschool Curriculum Evaluation Research (PCER) Study.