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NCSER Announces FY 2010 Research Grants

NCSER made a series of new research grant awards in June. A list of these awards follows:

Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education

Efficacy of a Parent-Mediated Intervention for One-Year-Olds at Risk for Autism
Linda Watson, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Examining the Efficacy of Banking Time: A Teacher-Child Early Intervention to Improve Children's Emotional and Behavioral Development
Amanda Williford, The Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia

Children's School Success Curriculum - Plus: Supporting All Children's Progress in the General Curriculum
Eva Horn, University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc.

Reading, Writing, and Language Development

Project SAIL: Strategies for Academic Internet Learning
Lynne Anderson-Inman, University of Oregon

Test of Integrated Language and Literacy Skills Validation Research 2
Nickola Nelson, Western Michigan University

Social and Behavior Outcomes to Support Learning

Implementing Positive Behavior Supports in Juvenile Correction Settings
Jeffrey Sprague, University of Oregon

Transition Outcomes for Special Education Secondary Students

Modeling Short-Term and Longitudinal Work and Educational Transition Outcomes for Adolescents with High Incidence Disabilities
Jay Rojewski, University of Georgia

A Secondary Analysis of the National Longitudinal Transition Study 2: Examining the Relationships between Expectations, Access and Postsecondary Life Engagement
Mary Morningstar, University of Kansas

Transition Success Assessment
James Martin, University of Oklahoma

Professional Development for Teachers and Related Service Providers

Prime Online: Teacher Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Research-based Practice in Inclusive Elementary Mathematics Classrooms
Cynthia Griffin, University of Florida
(Originally awarded under Teacher Quality)

Efficacy of Broad Target Speech Recasts on Students with Down Syndrome
Paul Yoder, Vanderbilt University
(Originally awarded under Related Services)

Special Education Policy, Finance, and Systems

Methods to Improve Accessibility of Tests for Persistently Low-Performing Students with Disabilities
Wendy Stoica, Ohio State Department of Education