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The National Center for Special Education Research FY 2020 Awards

National Center for Special Education Research (NCSER) recently made 41 awards under multiple FY 2020 competitions. Listed below are the awards from each of these competitions — Special Education Research Grants Program, Research Training in Special Education, and Research Grants Focused on Systematic Replication in Special Education.

Special Education Research Grants Program (CFDA 84.324A)
NCSER recently made 28 awards under the FY 2020 Special Education Research Grants program (CFDA 84.324A) to applications considered under the August 2019 deadline. These awards are as follows:

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Modular Approach for Autism Programs in Schools (MAAPS)
May Institute, Cynthia Anderson

The Development of an Empirically Based Adaptation and Training Model for Intervention Scale Up of Classroom Pivotal Response Teaching (CPRT)
San Diego State University, Jessica Suhrheinrich

Combining the Self-Determined Learning Model of Instruction and Peer Supports: Examining the Impact on Academic, Social, and Functional Outcomes for Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders
University of Kansas, Karrie Shogren

Preparing Teachers and Paraprofessionals for the Successful Inclusion of Children With ASD
University of Washington, Jill Locke

Cognition and Student Learning in Special Education

Examining the Efficacy of a Fraction Sense Intervention Grounded in Principles From the Science of Learning
University of Delaware, Nancy Jordan

Exploring Cognitive and Foundational Processes Underlying Pre-Algebra Among Students With and Without Mathematics Learning Difficulties
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Jessica Namkung

Early Intervention and Early Learning in Special Education

Early Intervention for Young Children At Risk for ADHD: Evaluating Efficacy and Delivery Format for Behavioral Parent Education
Lehigh University, George DuPaul

Coach Facilitated Mobile Parent-Training Program for Women with Cognitive Delays Who Are Mothers of Infants
Oregon Research Institute, Edward Feil

Tools for Families
University of Florida, Crystal D. Bishop

Making Professional Development Work for Preschool Classroom Teams Serving Students with ASD: Adapting a PD Model Using Normalization Process Theory
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Jessica Dykstra Steinbrenner

Efficacy of Story Friends Vocabulary Curriculum Targeting Preschoolers At Risk for Language and Literacy Disabilities
University of South Florida, Howard Goldstein

Developing and Testing a Blended Behavior and Language Intervention for Toddlers at High Risk for Persistent Developmental Language Disorders
Vanderbilt University, Ann Kaiser

Professional Development for Educators and School-Based Service Providers

Developing an Instructional Leader Adaptive Intervention Model (AIM) for Supporting Teachers as They Integrate Evidence-Based Adolescent Literacy Practices School-Wide (Project AIM)
University of Maryland, College Park, Jade Wexler

Build the FRaME: Using Feedback, Reflection, and Multimedia to Teach Evidence-Based Practices for Effective Classroom Management
University of Virginia, Michael Kennedy

Addressing Emergency Certification in Rural Education Settings (Project ACRES)
University of Wisconsin, Madison, Kimber Wilkerson

Reading, Writing, and Language Development

Writing in Students With Language-Based Learning Disabilities (WILLD)
Seton Hall University, Anthony Koutsoftas

Examining the Efficacy of Friends on the Block: An Intensive Early Literacy Intervention for Elementary Students With Intellectual and Developmental Disability (Project Intensity)
Southern Methodist University, Jill Allor

Validity of a Nonspeech, Dynamic Assessment of the Alphabetic Principle (DAAP)
University of Kansas, Kathryn Saunders

Development of an Intervention to Improve Reading Efficiency for Students With or At Risk for Word-Reading Disability
University of Texas, Austin, Nathan Clemens

A Randomized Trial of the Connect-IT Intervention in Middle School Students With or At Risk for Reading Disabilities
Vanderbilt University, Marcia Barnes

Science, Technology, Education, and Mathematics (STEM) Education

The Role of Algebraic Reasoning Within Additive and Multiplicative Multi-Step Problem Solving for Students With Mathematics Difficulty (Project RAAMPS)
University of Texas, Austin, Sarah Powell

Social and Behavioral Outcomes to Support Learning

FLIP (Focusing on Learning, Interaction, and Play at) Recess for Students With Severe Disabilities
Ohio State University, Matthew Brock

Initial Efficacy Evaluation of the CW-FIT Middle School Program: Improving Academic Engagement and Outcomes for Middle School Students
University of Kansas, Howard Wills

Development and Pilot Testing of Modular-Based Consultation Using Evidence-Based Practices for Teachers of Students With Emotional Disturbance (MOTIVATED)
University of South Florida, Kimberly Crosland

Understanding the Development of Comorbidity of Externalizing and Internalizing Disorders in School-Age Children
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Yoonkyung Oh

Special Education Policy, Finance, and Systems

Who Receives and Benefits From Special Education in the U.S.? Analyses of Three Nationally Representative Datasets
Pennsylvania State University, Paul Morgan

Special Topic: Career and Technical Education for Students with Disabilities

Supported College and Career Readiness (SCCR) for Secondary Students With Emotional and Behavioral Problems
Lehigh University, Lee Kern

CTE Teachers and Long-Term Outcomes for Students With Disabilities
University of Washington, Dan Goldhaber

Research Training in Special Education (CFDA 84.324B)

NCSER recently made nine awards under the FY 2020 Research Training in Special Education program (CFDA 84.324B) to applications considered under the August 2019 deadline. These awards are as follows:

Early Career Development and Mentoring

Developing and Evaluating the Feasibility of a Manualized Tier 3 Problem Behavior Intervention for Young Children With Developmental Delay
Baylor University, Stephanie Gerow

Developing a Sentence Writing Intervention for Young Struggling Writers
Clemson University, Abigail Allen

LIFT: Leveraging Autism Intervention for Families Through Telehealth
University of Oregon, Stephanie Shire

Exploring Special Educator Burnout and, in Turn, the Impact of Burnout on Special Educators' Treatment Integrity in Behavior Support Plans: Project Burn and Turn
University of Vermont, Justin Garwood

Video- and App-Based Naturalistic Language Instruction (VALI) for Spanish-Speaking Caregivers to Support Bilingual Language Development in Children With or At Risk for Language Delays
Utah State University, Anne Larson

Postdoctoral Research Training Program in Special Education and Early Intervention

Postdoctoral Research Training in Special Education: A Research to Practice Model
University of Kansas, Howard Wills

Postdoctoral Research Training Program in Early Interventions Within Research-Practice Partnerships
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Susan H. Landry

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support and Methodological Skill Development
University of Texas, Austin, Sharon Vaughn

Methods Training for Special Education Research

Training Institute in Advanced Single-Case Research Design and Analysis
University of Oregon, Wendy Machalicek

Research Grants Focused on Systematic Replication in Special Education (CDFA 84.324R)

NCSER recently made four awards under the FY 2020 Research Grants Focused on Systematic Replication in Special Education program (CFDA 84.324R) to applications considered under the August 2019 deadline. These awards are as follows:

ROOTS Replication: A Systematic Replication of a Tier 2 Kindergarten Mathematics Intervention
University of Oregon, Ben Clarke

Iterative Replication of Read Well in First Grade
University of Virginia, Emily Solari

Implementing Fraction Intervention Classwide to Address Mathematics Learning Disabilities in Inclusive Classrooms
Vanderbilt University, Lynn Fuchs

Systematic Replication of Pre-K Mathematics Tutorial: The Effect of Variation in the Intervention Delivery Model on Mathematics Achievement of At-Risk Preschool Children
WestEd, Kylie Flynn