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Georgia Measurement and Assessment Training — Postdoctoral Program

Year: 2008
Name of Institution:
Georgia State University
Goal: Training
Principal Investigator:
Kamphaus, Randy
Award Amount: $596,562
Award Period: 9/1/08 to 8/31/12
Award Number: R324B080006


The Georgia State University project for the Georgia Measurement and Assessment Training - Postdoctoral Program provides postdoctoral fellows training in applied assessment or measurement science at the postdoctoral level. The program will be a cooperative training program between the Colleges of Education at Georgia State University and the University of Georgia. The primary focus of the training program will be to address measurement problems associated with students with disabilities. Training for clinical assessment and measurement science fellows will be different but parallel. Fellows will receive training designing and using large academic achievement and behavioral assessment datasets as well as test development, classification, and test accommodations. The Fellowship will center on one or more research projects of the faculty, which currently include a) school screening measures, b) identification of subgroups in achievement testing programs, c) testing accommodations for special needs students, d) diagnostic models, and e) alternate assessments for students with disabilities.


Book chapter

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Book chapter, edition specified

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Journal article, monograph, or newsletter

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