Poster Presentations

The PI Meeting will include a poster session to provide an opportunity for researchers to present and discuss work funded by the National Center for Education Research (NCER), the National Center for Special Education Research (NCSER), and the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. All grantees, SBIR contractors, and postdoctoral fellows who have substantial results to report are encouraged to submit a poster abstract for consideration. Each abstract will be reviewed for its scientific merit and significance, and up to 70 abstracts will be selected for the poster presentation session.


PresenterInstitutionTitlePoster CategoryGrant/Contract NumberPoster Number
Aleven, VincentCarnegie Mellon UniversityElementary School Students Learning Collaboratively and Individually Through the Use of an Intelligent Tutoring SystemMath and ScienceR305A12073431
Alibali, MarthaUniversity of Wisconsin - MadisonDo Linking Gestures Promote Mathematics Learning? Lessons from a Teacher AvatarMath and ScienceR305A13001632
Allor, JillSouthern Methodist UniversityThe Effects a Text-Centered Supplemental Literacy Curriculum for Students with Intellectual DisabilitiesReading, Writing, and Language DevelopmentR324A1301022
Babinski, LeslieDuke UniversityPromoting Academic Success for Latino English LearnersEffective Teachers and Effective TeachingR305A12029038
Bengochea, AlainThe Ohio State UniversityPrint Knowledge in Yucatec Maya-Spanish Bilingual Children: An Initial InquiryEarly LearningR305B12000811
Boyd, BrianUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillEffects of the ASAP Intervention on the Engagement and Challenging Behavior of Preschoolers with ASDSpecial EducationR324A11025646
Braithwaite, DavidCarnegie Mellon UniversityA Cognitive Model of Fraction ArithmeticMath and ScienceR305B10000135
Brown, CarolynFoundations in LearningAssessing Automaticity of Word Level Reading Skills in Struggling Middle School ReadersReading, Writing, and Language DevelopmentED-IES-15-C-00233
Buzhardt, JayUniversity of KansasHome Visitors’ Implementation Fidelity of the Making Online Decisions System: Effect on Infant and Toddler Expressive CommunicationSpecial EducationR324A12036547
Cannata, MarisaVanderbilt UniversityThe National Center on Scaling Up Effective Schools: Using Continuous Improvement to Integrate Design, Implementation, and ScaleEducation Systems and Postsecondary EducationR305C10002360
Childress, Debra3C InstituteStakeholder Perspectives on the Utility of a Web-based Resilience Skills Building Program for Supporting Students with High Functioning Autism in the Successful Transition to Postsecondary EducationSpecial EducationED-IES-13-C-002648
Clemens, NathanTexas A&M UniversityA Comparison of Computer-Adaptive and Paper-Based Measures for Monitoring the Reading Growth of At-Risk Kindergarten StudentsReading, Writing, and Language DevelopmentR324A13021410
Conroy, MaureenUniversity of FloridaTeacher and Child Outcomes of the BEST in CLASS Efficacy TrialEarly LearningR324A11017316
Costa, Lara-JeaneUNC Chapel HillEfficacy of SRSD Writing Intervention: Middle School Randomized Control TrialReading, Writing, and Language DevelopmentR305A1201454
DMello, SidneyUniversity of Notre DameAutomating the Measurement and Assessment of Classroom DiscourseEffective Teachers and Effective TeachingR305A13003039
Estrada, PeggyUniv. of Calif. Santa CruzSecondary English Learner and Reclassified Students’ Opportunity to Learn: Access to Core Content, the Full Curriculum, and Higher-Performing Non-EL PeersEducation Systems and Postsecondary EducationR305A11051259
Flory, KateUniversity of South CarolinaDo Language-Based Thinking, Reasoning, and Problem Solving Abilities Explain the Relation between Childhood ADHD Symptoms and Social Impairment?Social and Behavioral OutcomesR324A12000320
Foster, MatthewUniversity of Texas Health Science Center at HoustonA Randomized Control Trial Evaluating the Effectiveness of Computer Assisted Instruction in Numeracy on Math Outcomes for English Learners in Kindergarten: Implications for Measurement of Student Academic OutcomesMath and ScienceR324B110007 & R305A08019630
Garbacz, AndyUniversity of OregonPromoting Positive Family Support in Middle Schools: Student and Parent Outcomes and Implementation Challenges and SolutionsSocial and Behavioral OutcomesR324A09011123
Graziano, PauloFlorida International UniversityBeyond Behavioral Modification: Benefits of Socio-emotional/Self-regulation Training for Preschoolers with Behavior ProblemsEarly LearningR324A12013618
Jacovina, MatthewArizona State UniversityInstructional Videos versus Texts in a Writing Strategy TutorReading, Writing, and Language DevelopmentR305A1207075
Jennings, PatriciaUniversity of Virginia, Curry School of EducationPromoting Teachers’ Social and Emotional Competence, Well-Being and Classroom Quality: A Randomized Controlled Trial of the CARE for Teachers Professional Development ProgramEffective Teachers and Effective TeachingR305A12018044
Landa, RebeccaKennedy Krieger InstituteEarly Achievements Autism Pre-K Intervention Pilot RCT: Effects on Child Development and Teacher Integrity of ImplementationSpecial EducationR324A12033049
Landry, SusanUniversity of Texas Health Science Center - Children's Learning InstituteSupport for Young English Language Learners through Small Group InstructionEffective Teachers and Effective TeachingR324A11007940
Lembke, EricaUniversity of MissouriSupporting teachers’ implementation of data-based instruction in early writing: A feasibility studyEffective Teachers and Effective TeachingR324A13014441
Lorch, ElizabethUniversity of KentuckyDevelopment and Evaluation of a Narrative Comprehension Intervention for Elementary School Children At-Risk for ADHDReading, Writing, and Language DevelopmentR305A1201716
Mariano, LouisRAND CorporationThe Causal Effects of Grade Retention on Behavioral OutcomesEducation Systems and Postsecondary EducationR305E12000658
Marquez, BrionIris Educational MediaDevelopment and pilot outcomes for We Have Choices, a student self-management multimedia curriculum for reducing problem behavior in upper elementary classrooms by transferring externally applied teacher controls to internally applied student controlsSocial and Behavioral OutcomesR324A11007422
Massey, ChristineUniversity of PennsylvaniaPerceptual Learning Technology in Mathematics EducationMath and ScienceR305A12028833
McClelland, MeganOregon State UniversityThe Head-Toes-Knees-Shoulders Task as a Measure of School ReadinessEarly LearningR305A10056614
McIntosh, KentUniversity of OregonFactors Predicting Sustained Implementation of a Social Behavior Intervention in SchoolsEducation Systems and Postsecondary EducationR324A12027856
Miller, EmilyUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignImpactful Factors for the Success of Female Mathematics Doctoral Students: Working Toward the Formulation of a Set of Best PracticesEducation Systems and Postsecondary EducationR305B10001757
Morrill, BrookeSchell GamesHappy Atoms: A Chemistry Modeling Set and Interactive Digital App for Teaching Molecular Bonding in the 21st CenturyMath and ScienceED-IES-15-C-002536
Murphy, P. KarenThe Pennsylvania State UniversityQuasi-Experimental Evidence of the Efficacy of Quality Talk’s Effects Upon Fifth-Grade Students’ Oral and Written Argumentation SkillsReading, Writing, and Language DevelopmentR305A1300317
Nugent, GwenCenter for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools, University of Nebraska-LincolnEffectiveness of Technology-Delivered Science Coaching in Rural Middle and High SchoolsEffective Teachers and Effective TeachingR305C09002242
Pareja, AmberUniversity of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School ResearchMechanisms through which School Leadership Influences Instruction and Student Learning: A Longitudinal Analysis of Leadership in Chicago Public SchoolsEducation Systems and Postsecondary EducationR305A12070655
Pfiffner, LindaUniversity of California San FranciscoEfficacy of the Collaborative Life Skills Program for ADHDSocial and Behavioral OutcomesR324A12035824
Reinke, WendyUniversity of MissouriThe Incredible Year Teacher Classroom Management Program: Findings from a Group Randomized Control TrialSocial and Behavioral OutcomesR305A10034221
Rohrer, DougUniversity of South FloridaInterleaved Practice Improves Mathematics LearningMath and ScienceR305A11051737
Roschelle, JeremySRI InternationalPreliminary Findings from An Efficacy Study of Online Mathematics HomeworkMath and ScienceR305A12012534
Rosinger, Kelly OchsUniversity of VirginiaHow Does Information About Financial Aid Awards Affect College Enrollment and Borrowing? Evidence from a Randomized Controlled TrialEducation Systems and Postsecondary EducationR305B13001354
Sandilos, LiaUniversity of VirginiaRelations between teachers’ feelings of stress and efficacy on teacher-child interactions in pre-kindergarten classroomsEffective Teachers and Effective TeachingR305B13001343
Schoen, RobertFlorida State UniversityMeasuring Early Elementary Teachers' Knowledge and Beliefs about Mathematics Teaching and LearningMath and ScienceR305A12078127
Sheridan, SusanNebraska Center for Research on CYFS; Univ of Nebraska-LincolnA Randomized Trial Examining the Effects of Conjoint Behavioral Consultation in Rural Schools: Student and Teacher Outcomes and the Mediating Role of the Parent–Teacher RelationshipSocial and Behavioral OutcomesR324A10011525
Shin, YongyunVirginia Commonwealth UniversityCausal Analysis of Random Coefficients Given Noncompliance and Data MAR in Multisite TrialsSocial and Behavioral OutcomesR305D13003319
Shriner, JamesUniversity of IllinoisEffects of a Web-based Tutorial for Standards-based Individualized Education ProgramsEducation Systems and Postsecondary EducationR324A12008152
Starkey, PrenticeWestEdA Randomized Study of the Efficacy of a Two-Year Mathematics Intervention for At-Risk Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten StudentsMath and ScienceR305A12026229
Steele, JenniferAmerican UniversityEffects of Dual-Language Immersion on Student Achievement: Evidence from Lottery DataEducation Systems and Postsecondary EducationR305E12000353
Sumi, CarlSRI InternationalStudents Exposed to Trauma: An Efficacy Study of the Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS) ProgramSocial and Behavioral OutcomesR324A11002726
Tominey, ShaunaYale Center for Emotional IntelligencePromoting Social and Emotional Skill Development in Early Childhood with Preschool RULEREarly LearningR305A12017215
Upshur, CaroleUniversity of Massachusetts Medical SchoolPreliminary Findings of Kidsteps II: Promoting School Readiness through Social Emotional Skill Building in PreschoolEarly LearningR305A13033617
Vernon-Feagans, LynneUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillProviding early elementary classroom teachers with weekly webcam coaching so these teachers can provide individualized reading instruction to struggling readers: The Targeted Reading InterventionReading, Writing, and Language DevelopmentR305A1006549
Wackerle-Hollman, AlishaUniversity of MinnesotaEstablishing a comparative score rubric for supporting high quality English and Spanish early literacy instruction and intervention.Early LearningR305A12044913
Wanzek, JeanneVanderbilt UniversityEffects of Tier 2 Intervention for Upper Elementary StudentsReading, Writing, and Language DevelopmentR324A1302628
Ward, WayneBoulder Language TechnologiesMy Science Tutor Efficacy Study:Improving Science Learning Through Tutorial DialogsMath and ScienceR305A13020628
Watson, LindaUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillEfficacy of a Parent-Mediated Intervention for One-Year-Olds at-Risk for AutismSpecial EducationR324A10030550
Wijekumar, Kausalai (Kay)Texas A&M University - Center for Technology and Urban SchoolsPromoting Comprehension in the Content Areas for 4th and 5th Grade Spanish Speaking English Language Learners with Web-Based Text Structure Instruction - Results from a Randomized Controlled StudyReading, Writing, and Language DevelopmentR305A1307041
Wilcox, M. JeanneArizona State UniversityEfficacy Testing of the TELL Curriculum to Promote Early Literacy and Language Skills for Preschool Children with Developmental Speech and/or Language ImpairmentEarly LearningR324A11004812
Woods, JuliannFlorida State UniversityEmbedded Practices and Intervention with Caregivers: Findings from a Feasibility StudySpecial EducationR324A13012145
Yu, JenniferSRI InternationalWhat Secondary School Interventions Improve College Enrollment Rates among Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders?Special EducationR324A12001251