Registrants List

Listed below are PI Meeting registrants who provided permission to list their grant/contract number, grant/contract title, research focus, and research goal/category.

NameOrganizationGrant/Contact NumberGrant/Contract TitleResearch FocusProject Category
Abedi, JamalUniversity of California, DavisR305A130223A Comprehensive Research-Based Computer Assessment and Accommodation System for ELL StudentsEffectiveness Evaluations, MeasurementEnglish Learners
Abrams, LisaVirginia Commonwealth UniversityR305H150088META Researchers and Practitioners in Partnership to Enhance Data Use Practice that Improves Student LearningResearch PartnershipEducation Systems, Policy, and Leadership, Effective Teachers and Teaching, Professional Development and Related Services Providers
Adlof, SuzanneUniversity of South CarolinaR305A130467Developing an Online Tutor to Accelerate HIgh School Vocabulary LearningDevelopmentCognition and Student Learning
Ahn, JuneNew York UniversityR305H150085Blended Learning at Scale–Implementation and Analysis of Student Achievement in District of Columbia Public SchoolsResearch PartnershipEducation Systems, Policy, and Leadership, Education Technology
Alamprese, JudithAbt Associates Inc.R305H140108Study of Effects of Accelerated Basic Skills Instruction on Adults’ GED Attainment and Enrollment in Postsecondary EducationEffectiveness Evaluations, Research PartnershipAdult Education/Adult Learners, Postsecondary Education
Alibali, MarthaUniversity of WisconsinR305A130016Connecting Mathematical Ideas through Animated Multimodal InstructionExplorationCognition and Student Learning
Allor, JillSouthern Methodist UniversityR324A130102Project Intensity: The Development of a Supplemental Literacy Program Designed to Provide Extensive Practice with Multiple-Criteria Text for Students with Intellectual DisabilitiesDevelopmentReading, Writing, and Language Development, Special Education
Aloe, ArielUniversity of IowaR324A160133Comprehensive Meta-analysis of Malleable Factors to Support Youth with ADHDExplorationSocial and Behavioral
Alonzo, JulieUniversity of Oregon, Behavioral Research and TeachingR324A160032Developing Adept Teams for Advancing RTI (Data RTI)DevelopmentProfessional Development and Related Services Providers
AlOtaiba, StephanieSouthern Methodist UniversityR324A160132Project FOCUS: Exploring Response to Intervention with a Focus on Students Receiving Tier 3 and Special Education for Reading DisabilitiesExplorationSpecial Education
Alverson, CharlotteUniversity of OregonR324A120277STEPSS PD: State Toolkit for Examining Post-School Success Professional DevelopmentDevelopmentProfessional Development and Related Services Providers, Special Education
Amendum, SteveUniversity of DelawareR305A160255The Targeted Reading Intervention: Investigating the Efficacy of a Web-Based Early Reading Intervention Professional Development Program for K-1 English LearnersEfficacy and ReplicationEnglish Learners, Reading, Writing, and Language Development
Anastopoulos, ArthurUniversity of North Carolina at GreensboroR305A150207Improving the Educational & Social-Emotional Functioning of College Students with ADHDEfficacy and ReplicationPostsecondary Education, Social and Behavioral
Anggoro, FlorenciaCollege of the Holy CrossR305A150228When STARS Align: Exploring Spatial Thinking and Relational Scaffolding (STARS) in Elementary AstronomyExplorationCognition and Student Learning
Antia, ShirinUniversity of ArizonaR324C120001Center on Literacy and DeafnessDevelopmentEarly Childhood and Early Intervention, Reading, Writing, and Language Development, Special Education
Apfelbaum, KeithFoundations in LearningEDIES15C0023The Iowa Assessment of Skills and Knowledge for Automatic Word Recognition and Decoding (iASK)Development, MeasurementCognition and Student Learning, Education Technology, English Learners, Reading, Writing, and Language Development, Special Education
Arnold, KathleenDuke UniversityR305A130535Exploring the Potential of Essay Testing for Improving Memory and LearningExplorationCognition and Student Learning
Arnold, SandraUniversity of Oklahoma Health Sciences CenterR324A160226Validating the School OUtcomes Measure (SOM): An Outcomes Measure for Students who Receive Schoool-based Occupational Therapy and Physical TherapyMeasurementProfessional Development and Related Services Providers
Avalos, MaryUniversity of MiamiR305A140616Writing for English language learners (WELLs): Exploring the relationship between writing instruction and writing outcomesExplorationEnglish Learners
Babinski, LeslieDuke UniversityR305A160255The Targeted Reading Intervention: Investigating the Efficacy of a Web-Based Early Reading Intervention Professional Development Program for K-1 English LearnersEfficacy and ReplicationEarly Childhood and Early Intervention, English Learners, Reading, Writing, and Language Development
Bahr, PeterUniversity of MichiganR305A160156Mapping Barriers to Community College Completion Among Older Learners: Identifying Malleable Factors to Improve Student OutcomesExplorationAdult Education/Adult Learners, Postsecondary Education
Bailey, ThomasCommunity College Research CenterR305C110011National Research and Development Center on Postsecondary Education and EmploymentEffectiveness Evaluations, Measurement, State and Local EvaluationEducation Systems, Policy, and Leadership
Baker, DorisSouthern Methodist UniversityR305A140471English Learner Vocabulary Acquisition (ELVA): Promoting the Vocabulary and Language Proficiency of Spanish Speaking English Learners in Second GradeDevelopmentEducation Technology, English Learners
Barbieri, ChristinaUniversity of DelawareR305B130012Bridging Cognitive Science and Education: Products and Processes in Mathematics, Language, and CognitionEffectiveness Evaluations, ExplorationCognition and Student Learning
Barnes, MarciaUniversity of Texas at AustinR324A110270A Randomized Trial of a Tutor-Based Mathematics and Attention Intervention for Low-Performing Preschoolers at Risk for Mathematical Difficulties in School.Effectiveness EvaluationsEarly Childhood and Early Intervention
Albro, ElizabethInstitute of Education SciencesFederal Staff
Alfeld, CorinneInstitute of Education SciencesFederal Staff
Benson, JamesInstitute of Education SciencesFederal Staff
Betka, SueInstitute of Education SciencesFederal Staff
Brasiel, SarahInstitute of Education SciencesFederal Staff
Brock, ThomasInstitute of Education SciencesFederal Staff
Buckley, JacquelynInstitute of Education SciencesFederal Staff
Caudillo, EmmanuelWhite House Initiative on Educational Excellence for HispanicsFederal Staff
Ceja, BeatrizU.S. Department of EducationFederal Staff
Chhin, ChristinaInstitute of Education SciencesFederal Staff
Chow, Wai-YingInstitute of Education SciencesFederal Staff
Doggett, LibbyU.S. Department of EducationFederal Staff
Doolittle, EmilyInstitute of Education SciencesFederal Staff
Douglas, KarenInstitute of Education SciencesFederal Staff
Ebanks, CarolineInstitute of Education SciencesFederal Staff
Faulkner-Bond, MollyInstitute of Education SciencesFederal Staff
Frederique, NadineNational Institute of Justice, Office of Justice ProgramsFederal Staff
Higgins, ErinInstitute of Education SciencesFederal Staff
Larson, MeredithInstitute of Education SciencesFederal Staff
Lee, EricaHarvard UniversityFederal Staff
Lesnick, JoyInstitute of Education SciencesFederal Staff
Lettvin, EllenU.S. Department of EducationFederal Staff
McGill-Wilkinson, RebeccaInstitute of Education SciencesFederal Staff
McLaughlin, JoanInstitute of Education SciencesFederal Staff
Miller, BrettNational Institute of Child Health and Human DevelopmentFederal Staff