Registrants List

Listed below are PI Meeting registrants who provided permission to list their grant/contract number, grant/contract title, research focus, and research goal/category.

NameOrganizationGrant/Contact NumberGrant/Contract TitleResearch FocusProject Category
Abedi, JamalUniversity of California, DavisR305A130223A Comprehensive Assessment and Accommodation Sytem for ELLsMeasurementEnglish Learners
Abrams, LisaVirginia Commonwealth UniversityR305H150088META Researchers and Practitioners in Partnership (RPP) to Enhance Data Use Practice that Improves Student LearningResearch PartnershipEducation Systems, Policy, and Leadership, Effective Teachers and Teaching
Adlof, SuzanneUniversity of South CarolinaR305A130467Developing an Online Tutor to Accelerate High School Vocabulary LearningDevelopmentCognition and Student Learning, Reading, Writing, and Language Development
Ahn, JuneUniversity of Maryland, College ParkR305H150085Blended Learning at Scale: Implementation and Analysis of Student Achievement in District of Columbia Public SchoolsResearch PartnershipEducation Systems, Policy, and Leadership, Education Technology, Effective Teachers and Teaching
Alamprese, JudithAbt AssociatesR305H140108Study of Effects of Accelerated Basic Skills Instruction on Adults' GED Attainment and Enrollment in Postsecondary EducationResearch PartnershipAdult Education/Adult Learners
Albro, ElizabethInstitute of Education Sciences    
Aldape, HectorTexas A&M AgriLife ResearchR305A130641Families4CollegeDevelopmentAdult Education/Adult Learners, Families, Postsecondary Education
Aleven, VincentCarnegie Mellon UniversityR305A120734Combining advantages of collaborative and individual learning with an intelligent tutoring system for fractionsDevelopment, Effectiveness EvaluationsCognition and Student Learning, Education Technology, Math and Science
Alfeld, CorinneInstitute of Education Sciences    
Alibali, MarthaUniversity of Wisconsin, MadisonR305A130016Connecting Mathematical Ideas through Animated Multimodal InstructionExplorationCognition and Student Learning, Education Technology, Math and Science
Allor, JillCollege of Education Southern Methodist UniversityR324A130102Project Intensity: The Development of a Supplemental Literacy Program Designed to Provide Extensive Practice with Multiple-Critieria Text for Students with Intellectual DisabilitiesDevelopmentReading, Writing, and Language Development, Special Education
Almirall, DanielInstitute for Social Research, University of Michigan    
Anderson, CynthiaAppalachian State UniversityR324A150032Supporting students with autism accessing general educationDevelopmentAutism Spectrum Disorders
Anderson, EricSeattle Public SchoolsR305H150035The Seattle Minority Engagement and Discipline Reduction Research CollaborativeResearch PartnershipSocial and Behavioral
Andrade, MarcoProvidence Public SchoolsR305H140118Providence Public School District and Education Development Center: Developing a Researcher-Practitioner Partnership to Improve Achievement Among Minority StudentsResearch PartnershipEnglish Learners
Angelo, LaurenInstitute of Education Sciences    
Anggoro, FlorenciaCollege of the Holy CrossR305A150228When STARS Align: Exploring Spatial Thinking And Relational Scaffolding (STARS) in Elementary AstronomyExplorationCognition and Student Learning
Anthony, JasonUniversity of Texas Health Science Center - Children's Learning InstituteR324B110007Postdoctoral Research Training in Special Education: Intervention and Professional Development Models in Language and LiteracyDevelopmentCognition and Student Learning, Math and Science, Postsecondary Education, Special Education, Statistics and Methodology
Antia, ShirinUniversity of ArizonaR324C120001Special Education Research and Development Center on Reading Instruction for Deaf and Hard of Hearing StudentsDevelopmentSpecial Education
Ariel, RobertPurdue UniversityR305A150546Computer-Based Guided Retrieval Practice for Elementary School ChildrenDevelopmentCognition and Student Learning, Education Technology, Math and Science
August, DianeAmerican Institutes for Research (AIR)R305A140199Mathematics and English Development for English Language LearnersDevelopmentEnglish Learners
Avalos, MaryUniversity of MiamiR305A150415The effect of definitions, contextual support, and cognate status on 4th grade Spanish-speaking English Learners' understanding of unfamiliar words in textExplorationEnglish Learners, Reading, Writing, and Language Development
Babinski, LeslieDuke UniversityR305A120290Developing Consultation and Collaboration Skills: ESL and Classroom Teachers Working Together with Students and FamiliesDevelopmentEnglish Learners
Baker, DorisSouthern Methodist UniversityR305A140471English Learner Vocabulary Acquisition (ELVA)DevelopmentCognition and Student Learning, Education Technology, English Learners, Math and Science, Reading, Writing, and Language Development, Special Education
Barbieri, ChristinaUniversity of DelawareR305A120290Bridging Cognitive Science and Education: Products and Processes in Mathematics, Language, and Cognition, Postdoctoral Research Training Program in the Education SciencesDevelopmentCognition and Student Learning