Registrants List

Listed below are PI Meeting registrants who provided permission to list their grant/contract number, grant/contract title, research focus, and research goal/category.

Name Organization Grant/Contact Number Grant/Contract Title Research Focus Project Category
Belfield, Clive Queens College R305B140003 IES Methods Training Program Research Methodology Early Childhood and Early Intervention, Education Systems, Policy, and Leadership, Postsecondary Education, Statistics and Methodology
Bengochea, Alain The Ohio State University R305B120008 Children's Learning Research Collaborative Fellowships for Postdoctoral Research Training in the Education Sciences Development, Research Methodology Cognition and Student Learning, English Learners, Reading, Writing, and Language Development, Statistics and Methodology
Benner, Gregory University of Washington Tacoma Center for Strong Schools R324A150059 LITERACY STUDY GROUP FOR TEACHERS OF STUDENTS WITH EMOTIONAL AND BEHAVIORAL DISORDERS Development Adult Education/Adult Learners, Reading, Writing, and Language Development, Special Education
Benson, James Institute of Education Sciences NULL N/A N/A N/A
Bhatt, Sujeeta National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine R305U150005 How People Learn II N/A Adult Education/Adult Learners, Cognition and Student Learning, Education Technology, English Learners, Postsecondary Education, Reading, Writing, and Language Development, Social and Behavioral, Special Education
Biancarosa, Gina University of Oregon R305A140185 Multiple-choice Online Cloze Comprehension Assessment (MOCCA): Refining and Validating a Measure of Individual Differences in Reading Comprehension Processes During Reading Measurement Reading, Writing, and Language Development
Bierman, Karen Pennsylvania State University R305A150488 Intervening with Children Experiencing Serious Peer Difficulties: The Friendship Connections Program Effectiveness Evaluations Families, Related Services Providers, Social and Behavioral, Special Education
Billman, Alison University of California, Berkeley R305A130610 First Grade, Second Language: Uniting Science Knowledge and Literacy Development for English Learners Development English Learners, Reading, Writing, and Language Development
Bishop, Crystal University of Florida Anita Zucker Center for Excellence in Early Childhood Studies R324A150076 Impact of Professional Development on Preschool Teachers? Use of Embedded Instruction Practices: An Efficacy Trial of Tools for Teachers Effectiveness Evaluations Early Childhood and Early Intervention
Blackorby, Jose SRI International R305H150003 Montana Continuous Improvement in Education Research to Improve Secondary School Literacy Outcomes State and Local Evaluation Special Education

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