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NCES 95327 Staff Data Handbook: Elementary, Secondary, and Early Childhood Education
Handbook defining data elements describing characteristics of instructional, student services, administrative and support staff for early childhood, elementary, and secondary education. This handbook contains no data. NOTE: This handbook was updated with a 2001 edition.
NCES 95480 A Pilot Standard National Course Classification System for Secondary Education
To promote the use of a standard vocabulary and to encourage the maintenance of accurate and complete data about students. It is intended to serve as a reference document to public and private schools, agencies and researchers interested in course information at the secondary level. This publication contains no data.
NCES 94303 Student Data Handbook for Elementary, Secondary and Early Childhood Education
Handbook defining data elements describing personal information, enrollment, school participation and activities, out of school experience, assessment, transportation, health, special program participation and discipline for pupils in early childhood, elementary, and secondary education. This handbook contains no data.
NCES 92165 Postsecondary Education Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual
Update of the 1973 Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual provides definitions and coding structure for postsecondary institution facilities.
NCES 92022 Standards for Education Data Collection and Reporting (SEDCAR)
Initiated to produce data collection and reporting standards through the combined efforts of data providers, producers, and users at the local, state, and federal levels. The standards do not attempt to describe the types of data that should be collected. Rather, they are intended to serve as a guide to the key phases of data collection and reporting. The standards identify the qualities that characterize good measures and describe the process of selecting and evaluating appropriate measures that will result in data of the highest quality--data that provide useful, timely, accurate, and comparable information.
NCES 91396 Classification of Instructional Programs - CIP, 1990 Update
This special report contains the updated descriptions of postsecondary education programs.
NCES 90096 Financial Accounting for Local and State School Systems
Financial Accounting has been designed as a national standard for State Departments of Education to use in reporting financial data and for school districts to use in preparing their comprehensive annual financial reports that are submitted to their respective State Departments of Education. The purpose of the handbook is to ensure that education fiscal data can be reported in a comprehensive and uniform manner.
NCES 79409 Postsecondary Student Terminology: A Handbook of Terms and Definitions for Describing Students in Postsecondary Education
This handbook is a resource publication designed to encourage standardization in the use of terms and definitions by the numerous agencies, institutions, and organizations which provide, set policy for, support, and/or regulate postsecondary education. Although recent years have seen several successful attempts to develop terminology systems for college and university students, this handbook reflects the first major effort to organize and consolidate terminology for the full range of postsecondary students, including technical and vocational school students as well as students engaged in various forms of adult education and nontraditional study. Contained in the handbook are terms and definitions for data elements and qualifiers. The handbook also contains narrative sections designed to facilitate the adoption of the terminology in information systems and to provide guidelines for protecting the confidentiality of student records. It is anticipated that this handbook will assist planners, administrators, and other decision makers by providing a common language which can contribute to a higher quality of data and to more efficient information management.
NCES 75118 Higher Education Finance Manual 1975
The Higher Education Finance Manual is intended to serve as a guide to higher education planners and managers in their understanding and use of institutional financial data. As such, it addresses higher education financial data from the layman's perspective. The document includes definitions of accounting terms and descriptions of generally accepted financial statements in addition to outlining potential uses for the data contained in those financial statements. This document is consistent with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants' Audits of Colleges and Universities as amended August 31, 1974, and College and University Business Administration Administrative Service, published in 1974 by the National Association of College and University Business Officers.
NCES 77343 A Manual for Budgeting and Accounting for Manpower Resources in Postsecondary Education
This Manual describes, in detail, the basic elements of an information system designed to support the management of manpower resources in institutions of postsecondary education. Chapter 2 provides a general overview of a system of manpower resource information. Chapter 3 contains a description of a recommended classification scheme for manpower resources and definitions of the categories within that scheme. It is useful in specifying and describing the manpower resources in each of these categories. Chapter 4 describes a framework for organizing and displaying information about the allocation of manpower resources to, and the actual utilization of resources by, institutional programs. Chapter 5 describes, in a general way, procedures for organizing information that indicates relationships between resource categories and activities. A Glossary of Terms, some additional classifications and subdivisions of personnel, the NCHEMS Program Classification Structure, and other related material are contained in the Appendices.
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