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NCES 2004325 Developments in School Finance: 2003
This report contains papers presented at the 2003 annual NCES Summer Data Conference. The scholars' papers address teacher turnover; financing urban schools; the costs of improving student performance; distinguishing good schools from bad in principle and practice; an evaluation of the efficacy of state adequacy and equity indicators; school finance reform in Vermont; and school accountability.
NCES 2002005REV CD-ROM: National Household Education Surveys of 1991, 1993, 1995, 1996, and 1999: Data Files and Electronic Codebook
This 2 CD set contains all of the public release data associated with the National Household Education Survey (NHES) collections conducted in the 1990s (1991-1999). The CDs contain data collected as part of 13 random-digit dial (RDD) household surveys about parent involvement in their children's education, early childhood education, adult education, school readiness of young children, school safety and discipline, and civic education. Data documentation is provided for each file, and software is also included to help users navigate the data sets and produce extract files to be used with statistical programs such as SPSS, SAS or Stata.
NCES 2000079 National Household Education Survey of 1999 Data Files
Three surveys were conducted for the NHES: 1999: the Parent Survey (Parent-NHES: 1999), the Youth Survey (Youth-NHES: 1999) and the Adult Education Survey (AE-NHES: 1999). Data files for NHES: 1999 that were downloaded or shipped prior to June 1st, 2001 contain weights that have subsequently been revised and need to be replaced. Please follow the link below, at “On-line Availability,” for more information. Also, please note that the Data File User’s Manuals and Methodology Report for NHES: 1999 have not been revised to reflect the adjustment to the survey weights. As a result, data users should not use the weighted response rates or weighted frequencies that appear in these reports. The data files and documentation for NHES: 1999 can be downloaded from this website.
NCES 200102 Measuring Father Involvement In Young Children's Lives: Recommendations for a Fatherhood Module for the ECLS-B
This working paper was prepared during the early design phase of the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Birth Cohort (ECLS-B). It examines the possible content of a father module and some of the methodological challenges associated with including fathers in a national study of young children.
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