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NFES 2010805 Traveling Through Time: The Forum Guide to Longitudinal Data Systems Book I: What is an LDS?
This first book in the guide series focuses on the fundamental questions of what an LDS is (and what it is not), what steps should be taken to achieve a sound system, what components make up an ideal system, and why such a system is of value in education. Chapter 1 introduces this guide series, discussing its purpose, format, and intended audience. Chapter 2 covers some LDS basics, defining the concept of a "longitudinal data system" and laying out key nontechnical steps to planning and developing a successful system. Chapter 3 presents the technical components that generally comprise an LDS, as well as some additional features that may enhance the system. Chapter 4 addresses some common misconceptions regarding longitudinal data systems. Chapter 5 discusses the overarching benefits of an LDS.
NCES 2005111REV Rates of Computer and Internet Use by Children in Nursery School and Students in Kindergarten Through Twelfth Grade: 2003
This Issue Brief describes the percentage of students in grades 12 or below who used computers or the Internet in 2003. The Brief highlights the fact that computer and Internet use is commonplace and begins early. Even before kindergarten, a majority of children in nursery school use computers and, and 23 percent use the Internet.
NCES 2003381 Weaving a Secure Web Around Education: A Guide to Technology Standards and Security
Weaving a Secure Web Around Education: A Guide to Technology Standards and Security is a publication of the National Center For Education Statistics' National Forum on Education Statistics. This publication provides recommendations for development, maintenance, and standardization for effective web sites.
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