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NCES 200003 Strengths and Limitations of Using SUDAAN, Stata, and WesVarPC for Computing Variances from NCES Data Sets
This paper reviews the PC versions of three statistical software packages (Stata Intercooled release 5.0; SUDAAN version 7.11; and WesVarPC version 2.12) that are designed for analyzing survey data. Using NELS:88 and SASS data , variance estimates are computed. The performances of these packages are evaluated.
NCES 1999330 Coverage Evaluation of the Academic Library Survey
The report contains the results of an evaluation of coverage issues regarding the Academic Libraries Survey (ALS). Its objectives are to determine the accuracy of coverage based upon policy, Organization, survey design, universe of participation, survey coordinator perceptions, and public versus private institution reporting. Suggestions are made to identify potential ways of improving the process of collecting academic libraries information.
NCES 199917 Secondary Use of the Schools and Staffing Survey Data
This report tracks the use of SASS data for purposes other than publication in NCES reports. Its purpose is to identify the extent and variety of secondary use of SASS data, to describe topics covered in SASS related publications, and to document a list of secondary users of SASS data.
NCES 1999027 Programs and Plans of the National Center for Education Statistics, 1999 Edition
This publication summarizes NCES's current statistical programs and its major publications and plans for future work. In this publication are descriptions, timelines and plans for all of the NCES data collections such as the Common Core of Data, Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System and the National Assessment of Educational Progress. Also described in this report are descriptions of NCES center-wide programs and services such as training, technology and customer service.
NCES 9806 National Education Longitudinal Study of 1988 (NELS:88) Base Year Through Second Follow-up: Final Methodology Report
This report provides documentation about the purposes of the study, the data collection instruments, the sample design, and data collection and data processing procedures for the base year through second follow-up surveys of the National Education Longitudinal Study of 1988 (NELS:88).
NCES 9816 A Feasibility Study of Longitudinal Design for Schools and Staffing Survey
This working paper summarizes a series of tasks undertaken to assess the feasibility of a longitudinal analysis of elementary and secondary schools. It includes an analysis of the overlap sample of schools from the Schools and Staffing Survey, an appraisal of longitudinal designs for the general study of schools, recommendations about using SASS for collecting information on the implementation and impact of recent school reform proposals, and recommendations for adapting SASS through various longitudinal designs.
NCES 199907 Collection of Resource and Expenditure Data on the Schools and Staffing Survey
This working paper summarizes a series of tasks undertaken to assess the feasibility of expending the resource and finance data collected in the Schools and Staffing Survey. It includes an overview of the Resource Cost Model, instruments designed to collect staffing data, an appraisal of earnings data from the CPS to estimate salaries for school staff, options for gathering benefits data, an approach to collecting tradition finance data at the school level, and a discussion of the analytical value of an integrated collection of both staffing resource and expenditure data.
NCES 1999028 Learning About Education Through Statistics
This booklet provides general information about NCES surveys and how to access information from NCES.
NCES 98034 State Survey on Racial and Ethnic Classifications
This report details results from the state survey on racial and ethnic classifications conducted for NCES and the Office of Civil Rights in the Department of Education as part of research associated with the comprehensive review of Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Statistical Policy Directive 15, "Race and Ethnic Standards for Federal Statistics and Administrative Reporting."
NCES 9811 Beginning Postsecondary Students Longitudinal Study First Follow-up (BPS:96/98): Field Test Report
This report describes the methods and procedures used for the field test of the Beginning Postsecondary Students Longitudinal Study First Follow-up 1996-98 (BPS:96/98). These students, who started their postsecondary education during the 1994-1995 academic year, were first interviewed in 1995 as part of the National Postsecondary Student Aid Study 1996 (NPSAS:96) field test. The BPS:96/98 study is the first follow-up of this cohort and includes important changes from the previous BPS surveys (conducted in 1992 and 1994). The instrument was considerably refined to reduce respondent burden while still collecting key information such as postsecondary enrollment, work experiences, and demographics. It was the first BPS study to include a field interviewing component. Furthermore, it was designed to allow comparative analyses with the first BPS cohort.
NCES 98255 An Experiment in Random-Digit-Dial Screening
This report presents the design and results of this experiment in random-digit-dial (RDD) screening. It begins with an overview of the National Household Education Survey (NHES) system, then proceeds through the design, data collection, and analysis of the data from the experiment. Because the NHES:95 was the first survey in this ongoing data collection system to use full enumeration of all household members in all sampled households, it was suspected that this approach was a likely factor in the decline of the screening response rate. A systematic experiment was developed and executed to examine the impact of the full enumeration approach on survey response. The experiment also included a test of an advance letter to households for which addresses could be obtained, based on the success of a nonresponse letter utilized in the NHES:95.
NCES 97464 Measurement Error Studies at the National Center for Education Statistics
This report focuses on illustrating an important part of NCES' commitment to the evaluation of the quality of its survey data through systematic, ongoing efforts to monitor the components of error in its data products, making after-the-fact corrections as necessary, and constantly improving the survey process designs to eliminate errors before they occur. It reviews a sample of past and current measurement error studies conducted by NCES and summarizes the results of each study, drawing upon relevant NCES publications.
NCES 97527 Protecting the Privacy of Student Records: Guidelines for Education Agencies
The primary purpose of this document is to help state and local education agencies and schools develop adequate policies and procedures to protect information about students and their families from improper release, while satisfying the need for school officials to make sound management, instructional, and service decisions.
NCES 97482 Increasing the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities and Limited English Proficient Students in Large-Scale Assessments: A Summary of Recent Progress
This report, the first of a two-volume series, describes many of the recent efforts at the national, state, and local levels to increase the participation of students with disabilities and limited English proficient students in large-scale assessments, including the efforts and progress made by NAEP.
NCES 97948 An Overview of Response Rates in the National Household Education Survey: 1991, 1993, 1995, and 1996
This report presents descriptive information on response rates for the four NHES administrations in the context of the populations of interest and the survey procedures used for each cycle. Following an overview of the NHES, response rates at the screening level are addressed, followed by a discussion of response rates to the interviews conducted with or about persons sampled within households (extended interviews).
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