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NCES 2011221 Tracking Students to 200 Percent of Normal Time: Effect on Institutional Graduation Rates
This Issue Brief examines institutional graduation rates reported at 200 percent of normal time, a time frame that corresponds to completing a bachelorís degree in 8 years and an associateís degree in 4 years. The report compares these rates with those reported at 150 percent and 100 percent of normal time for all nine institutional sectors. The purpose is to determine whether the longer time frame results in higher institutional graduation rates.
NPEC 2010832 Suggestions for Improving the IPEDS Graduation Rate Survey Data Collection and Reporting
In 1990, Congress enacted the Student Right-to-Know (SRTK) Act which requires colleges and universities to disclose the rate students complete academic programs at postsecondary education institutions. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) at the U.S. Department of Education developed the Graduation Rate Survey (GRS) to help institutions comply with the SRTK requirements. The purpose of this paper is to present recommendations for reducing complexity and confusion of completing the GRS survey as well as improve the standardization of data. The paper summarizes findings from two activities: deliberations of the NPEC GRS Working Group (with feedback from the full NPEC membership) and an analysis of graduation rate survey perceptions using entries in the Common Dataset listserve.
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