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NCES 2001034 Digest of Education Statistics, 2000
The Digest of Education Statistics provides a compilation of statistical information covering the broad field of education from prekindergarten through graduate school. Topics in the Digest include: the number of schools and colleges; teachers; enrollments; graduates; educational attainment; finances; federal funds for education; employment and income of graduates; libraries; technology; and international comparisons.
NCES 98533 1994 NAEP U.S. History Group Assessment
In 1994, NAEP administered U.S. history group projects to a limited number of students. The purpose of this study was to investigate the feasibility of groups assessment, and to gain practical experience in the design, development, administration, and scoring of such assessments. The report first describes the development and conduct of the study. It then discusses practical lessons learned, and makes recommendations regarding the future assessments of groups.
NCES 1999489 Directory of NAEP Publications
This 74-page directory lists all publications issued or funded by the National Center for Education Statistics that present or analyze data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). Since 1970, NAEP has evaluated student performance in such areas as reading, mathematics, science, writing, U.S. history, civics, geography, and the arts. Each listing gives information for accessing the publication, through ERIC, the NCES web site, the Government Printing Office, or Ed Pubs, as appropriate.
NCES 98518 Learning About Our World and Our Past: Using the Tools and Resources of Geography and U.S. History
This report examines the success students had working with a range of resource materials similar to those used by professional geographers and historians. Specifically, this report examines the ways in which students use the tools and resources of history and geography. This report makes extensive use of examples of student work and of exercise-level statistics.
NCES 96085 NAEP 1994 U.S. History Report Card: Findings from the National Assessment of Educational Progress
Highlights student performance across a number of different constructed-response item formats based on a wide variety of primary and secondary historical materials.
NCES 96869 Results From the NAEP 1994 U.S. History Assessment - At A Glance
A brief summary of results from the 1994 NAEP History Assessment.
NCES 95806 NAEP 1994 History: A First Look
This report provides a summary or "first look" at the NAEP 1994 History Assessment and of the information contained in the larger, full history "report card."
NCES 95809 Focus on NAEP: 1994 NAEP Assessment in U.S. History
This issue provides a context for understanding the NAEP U.S. History Assessment. It provides an overview of the framework from which the History Assessment was based.
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