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Title:  National Household Education Surveys Program of 2001-07 Electronic Codebook, Public-Use Data Files, and User's Manuals
Description: Two surveys were fielded in 2007 as part of the National Household Education Surveys Program (NHES): the School Readiness Survey (SR) and the Parent and Family Involvement in Education Survey (PFI). Three surveys were fielded in 2005: the Early Childhood Program Participation (ECPP), the After-School Programs and Activities (ASPA), and the Adult Education (AE) surveys. The 2003 collections were the Parent and Family Involvement (PFI) and the Adult Education for Work-Related Reasons (AEWR) surveys. Three surveys were also fielded in 2001 as part of NHES. These were earlier versions of the 2005 collections and include the Adult Education and Lifelong Learning Survey (AELL), the Before- and After-School Programs and Activities Survey (ASPA), and the Early Childhood Program Participation Survey (ECPP). The data, data documentation, and software to help search through and convert the data from these surveys into SPSS, SAS, or STATA files are available on CD. Data files and documentation can also be downloaded directly from this website.
Online Availability:
Cover Date: October 2008
Web Release: October 27, 2008
Publication #: NCES 2009024
Center/Program: NCES
Type of Product: Data File
Survey/Program Areas: National Household Education Survey (NHES)
Questions: For questions about the content of this Data File, please contact:
Andrew Zukerberg.