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Title:  The Evaluation of Charter School Impacts: Final Report
Description: The WWC quick review of the report "The Evaluation of Charter School Impacts: Final Report" reviews a study that examined the effect of being offered enrollment at a charter middle school on student achievement and behaviors. The study analyzed data from two cohorts of more than 2,100 students in 29 sites across 15 states between 2005 and 2008. Enrollment offers at each charter school were granted by lottery. Student achievement was measured using state-level reading and math assessments that were standardized to ensure comparability across states. Other outcomes were obtained from school administrative records and from student and parent surveys. Study authors found that, on average, students admitted to charter middle schools through the lottery scored no differently on math and reading assessments than students not offered admission. These program impacts varied widely across study sites; some had positive outcomes and some had negative outcomes. The authors also found no significant overall effects on attendance, grade promotion, or student conduct. When comparing student and parent satisfaction, however, the authors reported consistent statistically significant positive results for students offered a spot in the charter schools. The WWC rated the research described in this report as meets WWC evidence standards, citing that it was a well-implemented randomized controlled trial.
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Cover Date: September 2010
Web Release: September 21, 2010
Publication #: WWC QRCSI0910
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