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Title:  WWC Quick Review of the Report “The Effectiveness of a Program to Accelerate Vocabulary Development in Kindergarten”
Description: The Effectiveness of a Program to Accelerate Vocabulary Development in Kindergarten is a study that examined whether exposure to the vocabulary program Kindergarten PAVEd for Success improved expressive vocabulary of kindergartners. The study analyzed data for nearly 1,300 kindergarten students in 64 schools serving predominantly rural and high poverty youth in the Mississippi Delta region and surrounding areas. At each school, the study followed the achievement of a random sample of 10 students in two randomly selected classrooms. The researchers found that kindergarten students in schools using Kindergarten PAVEd for Success as a supplement to regular literacy instruction performed better on expressive vocabulary than kindergarten students in control schools. The authors reported that students who received Kindergarten PAVEd for Success instruction were one month ahead in vocabulary development at the end of kindergarten compared with students in the control group. The study is a well-implemented randomized controlled trial that meets WWC evidence standards.
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Cover Date: December 2011
Web Release: December 6, 2011
Publication #: WWC QRLEPA11
Center/Program: WWC
Associated Centers: NCEE
Type of Product: Quick Review
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