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Title:  The Milwaukee Parental Choice Program Longitudinal Educational Growth Study Third Year Report
Description: This study examined whether students who use a voucher to attend private school have greater mathematics and reading achievement than students who attend public schools. The study analyzed data on more than 2,200 elementary and middle school students from public and private schools in Milwaukee. The authors found no significant differences between math and reading achievement of students who used a voucher to attend private school and of comparison students from Milwaukee Public Schools. The WWC does not consider these results to be conclusive because it could not verify from data presented in the study whether the voucher- and comparison-group students were initially equivalent in math and reading achievement. The WWC rated the research described in this report as not consistent with WWC evidence standards and cautioned that, in addition to its concern about pre-study equivalency, some voucher participants had been in private schools for several years before the matching occurred; therefore, differences in test scores do not capture the full impact of the voucher program.
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Cover Date: September 2010
Web Release: September 8, 2010
Publication #: WWC QRMP0808
Center/Program: WWC
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