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The 2021 ED Games Expo YouTube Playlists Page

This website page presents set of YouTube Playlists with video trailers of more than 160 learning games and technologies that are participating during the 8th annual and 2021 ED Games Expo.

The learning games and other forms of innovative technologies are for educators, students (and parents and caregivers of children) and are for use across a range of topics for education and special education. See below for more information.

Playlist for All Video Trailers at the 2021 ED Games Expo

Playlists By Topic Area:

ED Games Expo 2021 Event Videos


  • The EdTech presented in the playlists was developed in full or part through more than 30 programs at ED and across the federal government.
  • The EdTech presented in the playlists are available to demo at no cost for educators and students during month of June, 2021 (unless otherwise noted as "coming soon").
  • Information on accessing the learning games and tech are listed below each YouTube video trailer and on each developer website.
  • An internet connection is needed to access the EdTech. Entries may differ in terms of the device and operating system that is needed to play or use the games or tech, including computers, Chromebooks, tablets, or phones. Some EdTech can be accessed directly from a website, some require a free app download from Google Play or the AppStore, and some require a registration so that the developer can provide additional login instructions to an educator for a class of students. Many entries are optimized for CHROME (not Windows Explorer). Some of the entries make apps freely available yet still require additional hardware, such as a virtual reality headset or a 3D printer. Hardware is not made available through the ED Games Expo.
  • Questions about individual games or tech can be emailed directly to developers using the email listed at the end of each short description in the guide. The developers will reply as quickly as possible. Readers may also post questions in the public comment section of the YouTube videos where that function is activated. All questions and responses will be posted for the public to view.
  • General questions about the ED Games Expo can be emailed to

We hope you enjoy the 2021 ED Games Expo! Follow the ED Games Expo @usedgov @IESResearch #EDGamesExpo