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FY2022 Pre-Solicitation Announcement

The US Department of Education and Institute of Education Sciences' Small Business Innovation Research Program (ED/IES SBIR) provides non-dilutive seed funding to for-profit small businesses to develop and evaluate new  education technology products to transform education and special education.

On or around December 1, 2021, ED/IES SBIR anticipates releasing two FY2022 solicitations, including:

  • Phase I solicitation #91990022R0001 will request proposals for $250,000 awards for 8-months for the research and development (R&D) and evaluation of new prototypes of education and special education technology products. Up to 14 awards will be anticipated to be made through this solicitation.
  • Direct to Phase II solicitation #91990022R0002 will request proposals for $1,000,000 for 2-years for R&D and evaluation of new education technology products to ready existing researcher-developed evidence-based innovations (products, interventions, practices) for use at scale, and to plan for commercialization. The goal of this solicitation is to support the successful transfer of research to practice at scale in education and special education. Up to 3 awards will be anticipated to be made through this solicitation. Direct to Phase II projects are awarded without a prior Phase I award.


  • The submission date for all proposals is expected to be on or around February 1, 2022, with notification of awards occurring within 90-days of submission and awards beginning shortly thereafter.
  • Potential applicants can be notified of the release of the solicitations by signing up for the IES Newsflash and following @IESResearch on Twitter. The solicitations will be posted on the website pages linked about on first.
  • The now closed 2021 ED/IES SBIR solicitations are posted for information purposes only:
  • Prior awards out of the ED/IES SBIR program are posted here and ED/IES SBIR Success Stories are posted here.
  • For more information, contact the ED/IES SBIR program manager, Edward Metz at Please note, after the program solicitations are released Edward Metz is not permitted to answer questions by potential applicants.