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Standards for Excellence in Education Research

Facilitate generalization of study findings

Last Modified: March 16, 2020


  • Did the researcher, through intentional sampling or other means, including documentation of the baseline characteristics of the analytic sample, design the study to permit ready generalization of its findings to populations of interest?
  • If not done a priori, did the researcher make statistical adjustments to their analytic sample to support generalizing study findings to populations of interest?


What We're Reading

Stuart, E. A., Bradshaw, C. P., & Leaf, P. J. Assessing the generalizability of randomized trial results to target populations. Prevention Science, 16, 475-485.

Tipton, E. & Olsen, R. B. (2018). A review of statistical methods for generalizing from evaluations of educational interventions. Educational Researcher, 47, 516-524.