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Standards for Excellence in Education Research

Pre-register studies

Last Modified: March 16, 2020


  • Did the researcher pre-register their research and analysis activities in a recognized study registry?
  • Did the researcher describe key elements of the study protocol in their registration, including plans for analyzing a limited number of primary outcomes?
  • Did the researcher identify and justify policy-relevant effect sizes for the primary outcomes in their registration, and design the study to credibly detect such effects?
  • Did the researcher execute the research and analysis activities as originally proposed in a recognized study registry?
  • Did the researcher clearly explain any deviations from those plans and offer a reasonable rationale for doing so?
  • Did the researcher report on each of the primary outcomes registered at the study's outset?


There are several options for preregistration including the Registry of Efficacy and Effectiveness Studies (REES), the Open Science Framework (OSF),, AEA Registry, EGAP, Uri Simonsohn's AsPredicted, and trial registries in the WHO Registry Network.