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REL Southeast Event: Supporting Children’s Reading at Home - Family Resources for Kindergarten through 3rd Grade
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July 9, 2020

Time: 2:00pm to 2:45pm

Location: Virtual
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Description: Participants will receive an overview of the components of the Supporting Your Child’s Reading at Home resources and a virtual walk-through of the website containing the resources. Participants will consider how to use the resources with children in the home setting and will be given the opportunity to ask clarifying questions.

Participants will leave with the knowledge and ability to utilize the REL Southeast’s Supporting Your Child’s Reading at Home family resources for kindergarten through 3rd grade in their home setting.

Research Alliance: Improving Literacy Research Alliance

Audience: The primary audience for the event will be parents and caregivers of rising kindergarten through grade 3 students. Parents and caregivers of rising grade 4 students may also find the grade 3 resources helpful as they work to maintain skills students learned during the grade 3 school year. The resources being shared were designed to be used by this audience, and the structure of the event will allow the audience to understand how to access and use the resources, ask the developers of the resources questions, and consider how to use the resources in their home settings. A secondary audience is district- and school-level leaders and classroom teachers, as we anticipate they will largely be the means by which parents and caregivers are aware these resources exist.

Speakers: Marcia Kosanovich, Regional Educational Laboratory Southeast
Laurie Lee, Regional Educational Laboratory Southeast


Jennifer Dombek
(850) 644-2980
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