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REL Midwest Event: Supporting the Need for Resilience in Rural Areas
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November 12-20, 2020

Time: On-Demand Virtual webinar

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Description: In this session, REL Midwest will present in partnership with REL Central at Marzano Research and REL Northeast & Islands on the challenges related to technology use faced by rural teachers. Although there has been significant progress recently with expanding broadband access to rural schools, such schools still lag behind those in suburban and urban settings in terms of their broadband infrastructure (Education Superhighway, 2017). In light of these challenges, the rural districts served by the Central Rivers Area Education Agency (Central Rivers AEA) in Iowa have invested in technology to assist teachers in supporting the development in students of the 21st century skills emphasized by the Iowa Core Standards. REL Midwest will present on findings from a study with Central Rivers AEA on how much teachers have integrated technology with instruction in ways believed to support the development of 21st century skills among students and how teachers perceive school support for technology use in instruction.

Audience: Participants at the National Forum to Advance Rural Education

Speakers: Jonathan Margolin, PhD– REL Midwest/American Institutes for Research

Report Citation: Margolin, J., Pan, J., & Yang, R. (2019). Technology Use in Instruction and Teacher Perceptions of School Support for Technology Use in Iowa High Schools. REL 2019-004. Regional Educational Laboratory Midwest.

Jonathan Margolin
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