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NCES Winter Forum and 21st Annual Management Information Systems Conference, 2008
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February 25-29, 2008
The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), in the U.S Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences (IES), sponsored a 2-day meeting of the membership of the National Forum on Education Statistics. It was immediately followed by the 21st Annual Management Information Systems (MIS) Conference.

The MIS Conference is a concentrated 3 days of information about best practices, innovative ideas, current issues, and practical how-to-advice about management information systems for K-12 education. The MIS Conference brings together people who work with information collection, management, transmittal, and reporting in school districts and state education agencies.

This year, the MIS Conference offered more than 80 presentations, demonstrations, and workshops conducted by practitioners from K-12 information systems.

Data managers were invited to attend the 21st Annual MIS Conference in San Francisco, California, and to submit a proposal for presenting a session that added to the conference's interest and usefulness. Topics were invited from all sources, but the major focus was on data use, data standards, statewide data systems, and data quality.
Forum Meeting
Ghedam Bairu
MIS Conference
Mary McCrory
MIS Conference
Keric Ashley
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MIS 2008 Conference Brochure  PDF File ( 1.2MB )
MIS 2008 Conference Agenda  PDF File ( 295KB )
MIS 2008 Forum Agenda  PDF File ( 496KB )
Agenda, Session Descriptions and Demonstration Descriptions
National Forum on Education Statistics
San Francisco Airport Marriott
National Center for Education Statistics
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