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REL Mid-Atlantic Event: Using teacher feedback in principal evaluation
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February 21, 2019

Time: Various times

Location: Various locations

Description: REL Mid-Atlantic will conduct the second session of a two-part, in-person workshop to help PPS district and school leaders better understand prospects for using teacher surveys in school leader evaluations. We will present information to principals during the second part of the workshop, which this form describes. The workshop will be conducted multiple times during the day to small groups of principals in the district. Each presentation will last one hour. We will produce a PowerPoint presentation and accompanying materials, such as links to research articles and examples of current instruments, highlighting the evidence on incorporating teacher surveys into school leader evaluations. The session will include discussion.

Partnership or Research Alliance: Training and supporting excellent educators

Audience: For this session, participants include area superintendents and all Pittsburgh Public Schools’ principals. Dr. Alyssa Ford-Heywood (coordinator of employee effectiveness) will also participate.

Speakers: Brian Gill, Mathematica Policy Research
Brittney Gionfriddo, Mathematica Policy Research

Brian Gill
(617) 301-8962
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Agenda for this event  PDF File ( 143 KB )
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