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REL Northeast & Islands Event: Building a Pipeline of Effective Principals: Costs, Resources, Challenges, and Opportunities
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May 16, 2019

Time: 3:00-4:30

Location: Webinar

Description: As our student population becomes increasingly diverse, more and more states and school districts are investing in efforts to ensure future school leaders are prepared to meet their needs. This webinar will help policymakers and researchers understand and apply research findings on the principal pipeline, including how to recruit and prepare a diverse pool of principals. Dr. Julia Kaufman, policy researcher from RAND Corporation, will provide an overview of her research on the development and implementation of principal pipelines, with a focus on the importance and impact of strong principal pipelines. Dr. Susan Gates, director of the Office of Research Quality Assurance from RAND Corporation, will present the results of a recently released study that examines the student, school, and principal retention outcomes associated with principal pipelines. Finally, Dr. Glenn Pethel, assistant superintendent of leadership development at Gwinnett County Public Schools in Georgia, will discuss his county’s experience building a principal pipeline.

Partnership or Research Alliance: Teacher Preparation Research Alliance

Audience: The intended audience for this webinar includes leader preparation faculty from institutes of higher education, state education agency staff involved in principal preparation program approval, researchers who work in school leader development and pipeline preparation, and staff from schools and districts involved in recruiting and developing prospective and new principals.

Speakers: Dr. Julia Kaufman, Policy Researcher, RAND Corporation
Dr. Susan Gates, Director, Office of Research Quality Assurance, RAND Corporation
Dr. Glenn Pethel, Assistant Superintendent of Leadership Development, Gwinnett County Public Schools (Gwinnett, GA)
Susan Mundry, Co-Lead, Teacher Preparation Research Alliance, REL Northeast & Islands
Dr. Karen Shakman, Co-Lead, Teacher Preparation Research Alliance, REL Northeast & Islands

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Gates, Susan M., Matthew D. Baird, Benjamin K. Master, and Emilio R. Chavez-Herrerias, Principal Pipelines: A Feasible, Affordable, and Effective Way for Districts to Improve Schools, Santa Monica, Calif.: RAND Corporation, RR-2666-WF, 2019. Retrieved from:

Shanna Russ
(617) 618-2736
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