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December 2006

From the National Center for Special Education Research (NCSER)

Inaugural Year Activities Highlighted at Informational Meeting

NCSER played host October 25 to the Center's second annual informational meeting. Commissioner Edward Kame'enui presented an update of NCSER's inaugural year, including an analysis of initiatives, funded grants, and research plans. Mary Wagner of SRI International was invited to showcase research that she and her colleagues coordinate at the National Behavior Research Coordination Center (NBRCC), which is funded through NCSER. She provided an overview of the NBRCC and the data it is gathering from four university-based behavior research centers that are investigating evidence-based interventions for students in first through third grades with severe behavior problems.

These presentations were followed by roundtable sessions with meeting participants to discuss important research topics in special education, effective dissemination strategies, and mechanisms for gathering input from other federal agencies, educational organizations, research institutions, advocacy groups, and other legislative entities. The meeting took place at a Washington, DC hotel.