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July 2010

Grants, Training & Conferences

$96 Million in Funding for 40 New NCER Grants

NCER recently announced funding for the second round of FY 2010 grant applications in three research programs. Under the education research grants program, 36 grants were awarded across a variety of topics.

Under the research program on evaluation of state and local programs and policies, two new grants were awarded. In addition, grants to establish two new research and development centers were awarded: one to study cognition and mathematics instruction and the other to study how to scale up effective schools.

The newly funded projects address a wide range of educational issues. For example,

For a list of new awards, visit
For links to current Request for Applications, visit

FY 2010 Small Business Innovation Research Awards Announced

IES recently awarded 20 contracts under the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program to proposals designed to develop and evaluate technological solutions to education problems.

The six Fast-Track Awards (in amounts up to $850,000 for 30 months) will support the development of a commercially viable education technology product and research to demonstrate the feasibility, usability and promise of the product for achieving the intended outcomes. The 14 Phase I Awards (in amounts up to $100,000 for 6 months) will support the development of a functioning prototype of an education technology product and research to determine the feasibility of the prototype.

Two of the Fast-Track projects include:

For more on the SBIR program and a complete list of awards, go to

October Seminar on SASS and TFS

NCES will sponsor a 2 1/2-day advanced studies seminar on the use of the Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS) and Teacher Follow-up Survey (TFS) for research and policy discussion. The seminar is open to education practitioners, institutional researchers, and policy analysts from state and local education agencies and professional associations, as well as advanced graduate students and faculty members from colleges and universities nationwide. The seminar will take place in Washington, DC.

For more information about the seminar and other training opportunities, visit the IES Conference/Training Connection page.