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March 2010

What's New

New Discretionary Grant Program to Study Race to the Top — Application Deadlines

IES has established a separate funding competition to conduct evaluations of education activities funded through Race to the Top awards. There will be three competition rounds with deadlines of April 1, June 24, and September 16. IES grants will be contingent on the associated State receiving a Race to the Top award. This competition will take place within the Institute’s Evaluation of State and Local Education Policy and Programs grant program (84.304E). The Request for Applications and information on the State/Local grant program can be found at

IES Grantees Receive 2010 Journal of Research in Science Teaching Award

The Journal of Research in Science Teaching Award is given annually for the article published in the Journal of Research in Science Teaching that is judged to be the most significant publication for that year. Three IES grantees—Helen Patrick, Panayota Mantzicopoulos, and Ala Samarapungavan—at Purdue University were selected by the National Association for Research in Science Teaching to receive this year's award for their paper titled "Motivation for Learning Science in Kindergarten: Is There a Gender Gap and Does Integrated Inquiry and Literacy Instruction Make a Difference." The award will be presented to the researchers at the annual conference of the National Association for Research in Science Teaching on March 23.

The researchers examined whether kindergarten students assigned to use the Scientific Literacy Project instruction and activities differed in whether they liked science and saw themselves as competent in the subject compared to students who had regular kindergarten science instruction. Patrick, Mantzicopoulos, and Samarapungavan received a 2005 Mathematics and Science grant from IES's National Center for Education Research.

View the abstract: The Scientific Literacy Project: Enhancing Young Children's Scientific Literacy Through Reading and Inquiry-Centered Adult-Child Dialogue.