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May 2011

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NCES Releases Condition of Education 2011 on May 26

At 10 am on May 26, NCES will release the congressionally mandated report on the condition of education in the United States. The Condition of Education 2011 summarizes important developments and trends in education using the latest available data. The 2011 report presents 50 indicators on the status and condition of education. The indicators are in five main areas: participation in education; learner outcomes; student effort and educational progress; the contexts of elementary and secondary education; and the contexts of postsecondary education. The report will also provide a closer look at postsecondary education by institution level and control. NCES Commissioner Jack Buckley will present highlights from the report at a briefing to be held at NCES. The Commissioner's remarks will be available online following the release.

If you are interested in attending the briefing, register at

NCES is mandated to report to Congress and the President on the condition of education by June 1 of each year. Visit the Condition of Education homepage to learn more about this annual report and the special analyses conducted each year.