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May 2011

What's New

Revamped Find What Works Tool Makes It Easier to Locate Scientific Evidence of What Works in Education

NCEE recently released a revamped Find What Works on its What Works Clearinghouse website. The new tool makes it easier for researchers and educators to find scientific evidence of what works in education by allowing them to search for and filter educational interventions by grade level, population, outcome domain, effectiveness, level of evidence, and program type.

With the new tool users can:

Find What Works presents search results in an easy-to-read table that combines graphics, symbols, and text. Users will be able to find the research that best meets their needs by comparing the improvement index, the extent of evidence, or the effectiveness rating across a number of different interventions. In addition to the graphical display, there are tabs that display descriptions of the program, research details, and links to the full report.