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September 2010

What's New

States, Schools Report on Usefulness of What Works Clearinghouse

A recent Government Accountability Office report recommending some improvements to the What Works Clearinghouse provided some perspective on state and school district awareness of WWC activities.

The report, Improved Dissemination and Timely Product Release Would Enhance the Usefulness of the What Works Clearinghouse, contained findings from a survey of state education agencies and school districts. They were reported in a review GAO recently presented to the Department of Education.

Established by the Institute of Education Sciences in 2002, the What Works Clearinghouse acts as a source for scientific evidence in education. The WWC produces user-friendly practice guides for educators, assesses the rigor of research evidence on the effectiveness of interventions such as curricula and other programs, and develops and implements standards for education research.

The findings around awareness and use include:

The key recommendations in the study have already been implemented or are in the process of being implemented. IES hopes to have all aspects of these recommendations fully implemented early in fiscal year 2011.