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What's New at NCEE

New report examines low-income students' access to effective teachers in 26 districts

A new report looks at whether low-income students are taught by less effective teachers than high-income students in 26 districts. » More info


Race to the Top: Implementation and Relationship to Student Outcomes

This evaluation report examines how Race to the Top was implemented and its relationship to student achievement. » More info


Assessing the accuracy of evaluating principals using student test scores

A new report examines the accuracy of four test-based measures of principal performance and finds little evidence that test-based performance systems accurately predict principals' future contributions to student achievement. » More info


Focusing on Mathematical Knowledge: The Impact of Content-Intensive Teacher Professional Development

This evaluation report examines the impact of providing elementary school teachers with content-focused math professional development on their knowledge, instruction, and students' achievement. » More info


New Findings on the Teacher Incentive Fund Program

A new report looks at the implementation and impacts in schools who offered pay-for-performance as part of their 2010 Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) grants. » More info

National Library of Education (NLE)

Library and bookshelvesNLE provides information, statistical, and referral services to the Department of Education, government agencies and the public. The collection focuses on education, including thousands of textbooks and instructional materials, as well as resources on law, public policy, economics, urban affairs, sociology, history, philosophy, and information science.

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REL Events and Opportunities

Learning series on Early Warning SignsREL Events provide an opportunity to learn from practitioners, policymakers, and researchers from across the country. Check out the REL Events Calendar for upcoming sessions on implementing and using Early Warning Systems and many other important topics in education.

REL Events Calendar

Featured Publication

ChalkboardThe Effects of the Elevate Math Summer Program on Math Achievement and Algebra Readiness

This study examined the effects of the Elevate Math summer program on math achievement and algebra readiness, as well as math interest and self-efficacy, among rising 8th grade students in California's Silicon Valley.

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Latest Posts from the NCEE Blog

Case Studies of Schools Receiving School Improvement Grants

Students using computersThe final report on the implementation of federal School Improvement Grants (SIG) examines the actions and reactions of 25 schools attempting to turn around low performance.

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