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National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance

The National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance (NCEE) conducts unbiased large-scale evaluations of education programs and practices supported by federal funds; provides research-based technical assistance to educators and policymakers; and supports the synthesis and the wide spread dissemination of the results of research and evaluation throughout the United States.

A Focused Look at Rural Schools Receiving School Improvement Grants  (Apr 2) 
This evaluation brief sheds light on the implementation of School Improvement Grants (SIG) by examining the special challenges that nine rural SIG schools face in trying to turn around a history of low performance and the approaches that they took to address the challenges. 
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State Implementation of Education Reforms Promoted Under the Recovery Act  (Jan 28) 
A new report from the National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance summarizes state implementation of key education reform strategies promoted by the Recovery Act. 
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Do Disadvantaged Students Get Less Effective Teaching? Key Findings From Recent Institute Of Education Sciences Studies  (Jan 16) 
NCEE has released a new evaluation brief that summarizes findings from three IES studies that measure disadvantaged students' access to effective teaching based on "value-added," a measure that estimates a teacher’s contribution to students' learning gains. 
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Operational Authority, Support, and Monitoring of School Turnaround  (Jan 8) 
This evaluation brief sheds light on the implementation of School Improvement Grants (SIG) by documenting actual policies and practices related to operational authority, support, and monitoring, as well as any differences between schools implementing a SIG-funded intervention model and comparison schools from the same districts. 
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ERIC releases 62,800 full text documents and is indexing new content weekly.  (Dec 12) 
During October and November, ERIC restored more than 62,800 full-text PDFs in the online collection and is able to return approximately 7,000 full-text documents per week to the collection. 
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Highlights from NCEE (Archive)

Exciting Changes in ERIC
ERIC logo The Education Resources Information Center, better known as ERIC, is undergoing a series of exciting changes. These changes are being made in order to provide an improved level of service to the community, at a reduced cost to taxpayers.

On August 2, a new ERIC webpage was released at This site contains a simplified search box which returns a more visually appealing set of search results. Additionally, the new site maintains powerful advanced search features for more experienced users. Additional features and content will be added on an ongoing basis through the fall.

In the next few months, the ERIC team will work with an advisory group of librarians and subject matter experts to recommend changes to the selection policy. The goal will be to ensure that ERIC continues to index relevant education literature that meets ERIC users' needs. After the new selection policy is approved, it will be posted on the ERIC website. Shortly thereafter, this committee will revise the list of sources that ERIC indexes to make sure that the sources included are aligned with the selection policy and are the best use of resources.

In early 2015, ERIC intends to release a brand new section of the website that allows users to browse ERIC's content by topic area. There will be 15 topic areas with between 5–10 subtopics for each topic. Each topic and subtopic will have its own webpage with a factual topic summary with links to relevant ERIC documents, thesaurus terms, and information.

We would like to hear your constructive feedback on the new site as it develops! You can send your feedback to us at