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Regional Educational Laboratory Program

The Regional Educational Laboratories (RELs) work in partnership with school districts, state departments of education, and others to use data and research to improve academic outcomes for students. Fundamentally, the mission of the RELs is to provide support for a more evidence-reliant education system.

REL events: The Regional Educational Laboratories are engaged in major dissemination efforts across their regions to share the latest findings from IES evaluations and reviews of "what works" to improve educational outcomes. The REL events are innovative, interactive forums with education practitioners, policymakers, and researchers.

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News From The Regional Educational Laboratories:

RELs participate in AERA Researchers from REL West at WestEd, REL Pacific at McREL, and REL Northeast and Islands at Education Development Center. presented on their work at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) conference in April 2012. Their talks focused the importance of working with community members and educators to define college and career-readiness and explored the origins and implications of variability in definitions across regions. (more info)

REL Reports

IES distributes the research and technical assistance products of the Regional Educational Laboratories widely so that education practitioners throughout the United States can benefit from them. These products are peer reviewed for technical soundness, readability, and relevance to the concerns of education practitioners.

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