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National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance

Evaluation Studies of the National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance

Study of Teacher Preparation Experiences and Early Teacher Effectiveness

Contractor: Abt Associates, Dillon-Goodson Research Associates, Pemberton Research, Education Analytics

Background/Research Questions:

The Department of Education's Blueprint for Recognizing Educational Success, Professional Excellence, and Collaborative Teaching is focused on a comprehensive approach to improving teacher effectiveness at all points along the continuum, including teacher preparation. Little research exists, however, to inform how best to prepare teachers for the classroom. The current study will explore whether the instructional skills that teachers learn about and have opportunities to practice in their preparation programs are associated with novice teachers' effectiveness in the classroom. The study defines novice teachers as those in their first three years in the profession. The study will include a focus on English language learners and the preparation experiences of their teachers.

The study will address the following key research questions:

  • Among novice teachers, what are the relationships between the teachers' experience in their preparation programs and the achievement of students in their classroom, measured by teacher value-added?
  • Among novice teachers of English language learners, what are the relationships between the teachers' experiences in their preparation programs and the achievement of the English language learners, measured by teacher value-added?


Approximately 6,300 novice teachers from larger school districts in up to 12 states will be recruited to participate in the study. The study will include teachers from grades 4 through 6 who are responsible for language arts and/or math instruction. In Spring 2015, the teachers will respond to a survey regarding their preparation experiences. The survey will focus on experiences related to instructional skills that have been shown to be associated with teacher value-added scores. For each instructional skill, the teachers will be asked about the nature of their learning experiences. The study will compute value-added scores for each teacher, based on students' state math and English language arts tests. The study will examine the relationships between teacher preparation experiences and teacher value-added scores. Among novice teachers who have five or more English language learners in their classroom, the study will also examine the relationships between these teachers' preparation experiences and teacher value added scores based on achievement of their English language learners.

Cost/Duration: $10,454,503 over 6 years (September 2011 – September 2017)

Current Status: District recruitment began in Fall 2013. A report on this study is expected by Fall 2017 and will be announced on