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About IES: Scientific Integrity Policy

The Institute of Education Sciences invites comments on the draft Scientific Integrity Policy document posted below. This document is intended to describe the ways in which the Department of Education assures the integrity of the scientific activities supported by the Department. We are very interested in receiving and considering your comments on our draft Scientific Integrity Policy. It is important to note, however, that this is only a draft policy at this point, and is not currently in effect nor is it in any way binding on the agency or any of its officials or employees at this time. We request that your comments relate to the contents of the Draft Scientific Integrity Policy and be as specific as possible. All opinions, ideas, suggestions and comments are considered informal input. The Department will not respond to individual e-mails, and the comments and suggestions made in e-mails we receive may or may not be reflected in the final Scientific Integrity Policy adopted by the Department. Finally, please note that any e-mails submitted in response to this request for comments could be disclosed to parties making requests under the Freedom of Information Act.

Please send any comments to by May 15, 2012.

PDF File Download, view, and print the Scientific Integrity Policy Draft PDF file (300 KB)