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Product Video Demonstrations
(Last Updated July 28, 2014)

This document provides short video demonstrations and information on education technology products that were developed with funding from the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program in the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) within the U.S. Department of Education (ED). The videos showcase the features and components of the products, and describe their application in schools and classrooms with students and teachers. For more information, click on the product to be linked to the project abstracts.


  • IES/ED does not promote or endorse any non-Government or commercial content appearing on the page.
  • Products appear in alphabetical order by the names of the small businesses.
  • This document will be updated as new product demos are made available.
  • Any questions about the program or the projects listed in this document can be emailed to the IES/ED SBIR Program Manager Edward Metz at

IES SBIR Products Across Topics and Content Areas

Zoo U is an interactive adventure game that evaluates students' social skills in six key areas and provides real-time reporting at the classroom, school, and district levels.

Produced by 3-C Institute for Social Development

The Social Story Theatre engages 8- to 10-year-olds with high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in animated scripts to facilitate improved social functioning.

Produced by 3-C Institute for Social Development

Agile Mind's web-based biology course supports students' learning of biological concepts through interactive and engaging simulations and visualizations.

Produced by Agile Mind, Inc.

Access Language Arts is an app or tablet-based intervention aligned to common core standards to supplement ELA instruction for middle school students with severe intellectual disabilities and autism.

Produced by the The Attainment Company

The Children's Progress Adaptive Assessment (CPAA) engages pre-K to grade 3 students in literacy and math through interactive scaffolding and instructional activities.

Produced by Children's Progress, Inc.

Scholar is an web 2.0 online environment where students and teachers write collaboratively, and work closely to create knowledge and learn.

Produced by Common Ground Publishing

The STEM Solar Explorations includes physical solar equipment to capture data and a web-based classroom component to present data and facilitate learning.

Produced by Diversified Construction Services

Games-Based Interactive Life Sciences (GILS) is a series of games intended to facilitate conceptual understanding of the science inquiry process in middle school students.

Produced by Filament Games

GoGames Civics is a tablet-based multiplayer role-play game for middle school social studies classrooms and will replace static paper with dynamic interactive content.

Produced by Filament Games

FluidMath is a software program for math teachers that recognizes handwritten math formulae and sketches drawn on the screen of a pen-enabled computer, and then generates solutions, graphs, and dynamic animations.

Produced by Fluidity Software

The iPrompt software allows teachers and caregivers to customize and present different visual supports in supporting students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Produced by Handhold Adaptive, LLC

SpeechPrompts will be used by special education professionals to guide improvement in communication and social skills among children who exhibit prosodic speech challenges.

Produced by Handhold Adaptive, LLC

Empires is a narrative-based game that addresses 36 pre-algebra Common Core State Standards in mathematics for 7th and 8th grades through challenging and fun storylines.

Produced by Imagine Education

The myASL Quizmaker provides web-based assessments for deaf or hard of hearing students through English to America Sign Language graphic and video translations.

Produced by Institute for Disabilities Research and Training, Inc.

The Interactive Touch Science will be an integrated assistive technology platform to support STEM learning among middle school students with visual impairments.

Produced by Information Research Corporation, Inc.

Algebra Insight is a web-based software product that promotes mathematics learning by supporting students in visualizing and manipulating algebraic equations.

Produced by Insight Learning Technologies, Inc.

The Mindset Works SchoolKit is a web-based multimedia intervention to strengthen student success through teaching a growth mindset—the understanding that ability develops with effort and learning.

Produced by Mindset Works

Readorium facilitates improved reading comprehension of science content for middle school students through guided lessons that scaffold reading and understanding

Produced by Mtelegence Corporation

Traveler's Oath is a web-based game through which students visit virtual recreations of national parks to engage in content across a multidisciplinary set of areas.

Produced by One Planet Education Network, LLC

The Virtual Physics Laboratory can fully replace—or be used as a supplement for—hands-on equipment in a typical introductory college physics course.

Produced by Polyhedron Learning Media, Inc.

Quantum Tutors use artificial intelligence (AI) software delivered over the Internet to create a personalized and adaptive learning experience in mathematics and science.

Produced by Quantum Simulations, Inc.

The Quantum Artificial Intelligence Braille Tutor provides students who are blind or visually impaired on-demand support for understanding Braille code.

Produced by Quantum Simulations, Inc.

The Quantum Tutor for Probability provides customized supports and feedback to adult learners and college students in developmental math courses.

Produced by Quantum Simulations, Inc.

The First 4,000 Words is a web-based intervention for assessing and supporting students in knowing the meanings of the 4,000 most frequently used English words.

Produced by Seward, Inc.

Word Learning Strategies provides teachers a program to support grade 4 and 5 students learning to infer the meanings of unknown words encountered during reading.

Produced by Seward, Inc.

Sokikom's online social learning game is designed to motivate students in grades 1 through 6 to engage in and learn math.

Sokikom (previously Virtual Learning Technologies)

MathFacts are a series of game apps for touch-screen tablet computers to support math learning for 1st to 4th grade students with or at risk for learning difficulties.

Produced by Teachley

Social Shape Up

The Social Shape Up system supports teachers in monitoring and improving classroom behaviors in pre-kindergarten through 8th grade classrooms.

Produced by Teaching Research Institute

IRIS Connect is a camera and software program that enables remote classroom observation to facilitate teacher professional development and observational research.

Produced by thereNow (formerly Spectrum Education)

Numbershire I is a game where 1st graders with or at-risk for disabilities learn whole numbers by applying math concepts to the building of an idyllic fairytale village.

Produced by Thought Cycle

Numbershire II is a game where 2nd graders with or at-risk for disabilities learn fluency with place value ideas and multi-digit operations and foundations for multiplication.

Produced by Thought Cycle

Math Mystery Monster (M3) inlcudes 23 mini games that formatively assess fourth graders' mathematical understanding and provide immediate feedback to teachers.

Produced by Triad Interactive Media, Inc. (formerly Triad Digital Media, Inc.)

PlatinuMath includes 24 mini-games to improve mathematical understanding among preservice teachers as a supplement to any preservice curriculum or training course.

Produced by Triad Interactive Media, Inc. (formerly Triad Digital Media, Inc.)