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Technology Enhanced Elementary and Middle School Science (TEEMSS)

TEEMSS was found to have potentially positive effects on general science achievement for elementary school students in grades 3–4.

Technology Enhanced Elementary and Middle School Science (TEEMSS) is a physical science curriculum for grades 3–8 that uses computers, sensors, and interactive models to support investigations of real-world phenomena. Through 15 inquiry-based instructional units, students interact with computers, gather and analyze data, and formulate ideas for further exploration. This information is managed by software in a handheld computer and transmitted to other students and to the teacher. The program includes a web-based teacher-reporting tool that allows teachers to review student portfolios and gather student responses for assessment and class discussion.


study that met standards out of
eligible studies reviewed
Effectiveness Rating Grades Evidence Tier
Science Achievement Potentially positive effects 3-4

Last Updated: May 2012

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Note: This summary only includes data from studies that reported sample information. The Intervention Report may include evidence from other studies that met standards, but did not report sample information.

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