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Underlying all What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) products are WWC Study Review Guides, which are intended for use by WWC certified reviewers to assess studies against the WWC evidence standards.

As part of an ongoing effort to increase transparency, promote collaboration, and encourage widespread use of the WWC standards, the Institute of Education Sciences provides external users with access to a WWC Study Review Guide. This Study Review Guide is an Excel spreadsheet that guides reviewers through documenting the characteristics of studies, including features that pertain to a study’s eligibility under a WWC protocol. It assists the reviewer in assessing the study design and implementation against the WWC standards, and coding the study findings in a systematic manner consistent with WWC reporting guidelines.

The WWC Study Review Guide is intended to be used by individuals trained and certified in WWC review policies and procedures, in conjunction with WWC review protocols and the WWC Procedures and Standards Handbook.

Download Study Review Guide — Version S3 V2, May 2016 (updated May 26, 2016):

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