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New WWC Intervention Report on “Building Blocks”

This new WWC intervention report finds provides moderate evidence that "Building Blocks" improves mathematics achievement. » More info


IES releases researcher brief on recruiting schools and districts.

A new brief provides strategies to recruit districts and schools for impact studies of education interventions. » More info


New WWC Intervention Report on Pre-K Mathematics

This new WWC intervention report finds provides strong evidence that "Pre-K Mathematics" improves mathematics achievement, although the intervention had uncertain effects on outcomes in the language domain, reading & literacy related domain, social-emotional learning domain, and self-regulation domain. » More info


New WWC Methodological Report on Using Bayesian Meta-Analysis to Explore the Components of Early Literacy Interventions

This WWC methodological report explores to what extent components of early literacy interventions can explain which interventions have positive effects on alphabetics outcomes. » More info


New WWC Intervention Report on World of Words

This new WWC intervention report finds World of Words provides strong evidence that World of Words improved preschool students' language skills. » More info

National Library of Education (NLE)

Library and bookshelvesNLE provides information, statistical, and referral services to the Department of Education, government agencies and the public. The collection focuses on education, including thousands of textbooks and instructional materials, as well as resources on law, public policy, economics, urban affairs, sociology, history, philosophy, and information science.

Learn More About the Library

REL Events and Opportunities

Teachers talking togetherREL Events provide an opportunity to learn from practitioners, policymakers, and researchers from across the country. Check out the REL Events Calendar for upcoming webinars and in-person professional development opportunities spanning topics from improving early education to transforming postsecondary teaching and learning, and everything in between.

REL Events Calendar


a father reading with his daughterPreparing Young Children for School

Recent research has identified practices that have the potential to prepare young children to benefit from the learning opportunities they will encounter in school. In collaboration with expert panelists, the What Works Clearinghouse™ (WWC) distilled that research into practical recommendations for preschool educators to use to help prepare children for school. The Practice Guide details seven evidence-based practices designed to be used by teachers; center and program directors; district or state personnel involved in adopting curricula for preschool programs; and parents and caregivers.

The Effects of an Academic Language Program on Student Reading Outcomes

Helping English learners and economically disadvantaged students read as well as their more advantaged peers is a struggle for many schools. This study tested a promising program to improve 4th and 5th grade students' ability to understand the academic language used in school and support their reading achievement. The program included reading, speaking, and writing activities for students and training for teachers. About 60 schools were randomly assigned to implement the program for one school year or to continue using their typical strategies. The study compared the average reading performance of the two groups to assess the program's effectiveness.

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Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Professional analyze various pieces of dataLearn about the plans for and results of evaluations related to ESSA