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Steps to Applying for IES Grants

  1. Identify a current funding opportunity that matches your research interests and identify the relevant Letter of Intent and application deadlines.
  2. View a funding opportunities webinar to learn more about the application process and choosing an appropriate funding opportunity and refer to our digital technical assistance page for additional resources.
  3. Download the Application Submission Guide, as well as the appropriate Request for Applications and application package (Search for CFDA 84.305 or CFDA 84.324).
  4. Submit your Letter of Intent (optional but strongly encouraged).
  5. Register (or update) your organization on and
  6. Submit your application to before the application deadline.

Standards and Review

A green pencil checking off boxesThe Standards and Review Office (SRO) is responsible for the scientific peer review process for the grant applications.

Research Funding Webinars

A webinar being displayed on various devicesCheck out our funding opportunities webinars to receive information on choosing the correct funding opportunity, grant writing, the application process, and more.

For more information regarding funding opportunities webinars, browse here.

After Submitting an IES Application

IES Peer Review Panel Discussions

Learn More about IES Grants

Please read an Overview of IES Research and Research Training Grants Programs to learn more about research and training programs supported by IES. You can also learn more about grants funded by IES by using our project search tool.

Need Help? For general inquires, contact IES. For questions about specific funding opportunities, contact the National Center for Education Research (84.305 RFAs) or the National Center for Special Education Research (84.324 RFAs).

FY 2021 Funding Opportunities for Research and Training (Rolling)

Important Dates and Deadlines

Federal Register Notices (3/25/20, 5/4/20, & 11/20/20)

The Department intends to extend the application deadline date for the FY2021 Research Networks Focused on Critical Problems of Education Policy and Practice, and the Transformative Research in the Education Sciences Grant Programs competitions, Assistance Listing Number 84.305N and 84.305T, for potential applicants in areas in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, for which the President has issued an emergency declaration. Please monitor this website and the Federal Register for official notice of any extension.

Education Research and Training

Special Education Research and Training

FY 2020 Funding Opportunities for Research and Training (Closed)

FY 2020 opportunities are now closed. Archived copies of the Request for applications and webinars are available online.

Other IES Funding Opportunities