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What's New at IES

New data on bullying and personal safety at school

Three new data points look at trends in bullying at school over time, repetition and power imbalance as components of the uniform definition of bullying, and the relationship between students' feelings of safety in school and their perceptions about the level of crime in their home neighborhoods and school neighborhoods. » More info


WWC Single Study Review Finds Rigorous Evidence for Mainstreaming College Students in Mathematics Courses

The single study review focused on research that examined the impact of mainstreaming college freshmen into college-level quantitative courses. Mainstreaming refers to the practice of placing students who are in need of remedial courses into regular degree-track courses. The WWC found this study to be a well-executed randomized controlled trial. The study found, and the WWC confirmed, statistically significant and positive effects of mainstreaming on course passing rates, credits earned, and enrollment rates. » More info


IES Releases Summary of Responses to the Request for Public Comment on IES-Funded Efficacy, Replication, and Effectiveness Studies

IES released a summary of responses received to the Request for Public Comment on IES Research Goals 3 and 4. This request asked whether these goals, as currently configured, are meeting the needs of the field or whether changes should be considered to encourage more replication and effectiveness studies. To see the summary of responses, click here. » More info

The Work of IES

Watch a short video on how IES is supporting the development and use of independent education research, evaluation, and statistics.

Standards and Review

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The IES Standards and Review Office oversees peer review of reports and research grant applications.

Peer Review of Reports
Peer Review of Grant Applications
Standards and Review Office

Featured Publications

Teacher reading to and taking questions from a group of young studentsEducator’s Practice Guide to Support Reading For Understanding, K-3

This new What Works Clearinghouse guide has research-based recommendations for improving early grades reading and ideas and tips for implementation in the classroom.

Guide to Education Data Privacy

This free resource for states and districts was developed by practitioners in the field through the National Forum on Education Statistics. It is designed to assist school staff in protecting the confidentiality of student data.

Latest Posts from the IES Blog

New Topic Pages: Early Childhood Education And Social, Emotional, And Behavioral Influences On Learning

Four children at a desk in classroomLearn more about what IES is doing across the Centers on these important topics.

Visit the Early Childhood Education and Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Influences on Learning topic pages