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2015 Survey Questionnaires Results: Students' Computer Access and Use

As part of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), students, teachers, and school administrators answer survey questionnaires. These questionnaires collect contextual information to provide a better understanding of educational experiences and factors that are related to students' learning both in and outside of the classroom and to allow for meaningful student group comparisons. For the 2015 NAEP mathematics and reading assessments, nationally representative samples of students answered a survey question about their access to computers at home, and their teachers answered a survey question about the availability of computers for them and their students in school. Additionally, students and teachers answered questions about their use of computers for classroom learning and instruction. » More info


REL West Webinar: Using Learning Huddles to Improve Teaching and Learning

This webinar on September 25 will introduce the learning huddle: an innovative update to traditional teacher-inquiry protocols centered on continuous-improvement cycles known as "Plan-Do-Study-Act". The session will feature the work of the REL West K-6 Literacy Improvement Partnership. Register now. » More info


NCSER Awards Grant to Improve the Registry of Efficacy and Effectiveness Studies

NCSER Awarded a Grant to Improve the Registry of Efficacy and Effectiveness Studies. More info » More info

The Work of IES

Watch a short video on how IES is supporting the development and use of independent education research, evaluation, and statistics.

Standards and Review

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The IES Standards and Review Office oversees peer review of reports and research grant applications.

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Featured Publications

Teacher reading to and taking questions from a group of young studentsEducator’s Practice Guide to Support Reading For Understanding, K-3

This new What Works Clearinghouse guide has research-based recommendations for improving early grades reading and ideas and tips for implementation in the classroom.

Guide to Education Data Privacy

This free resource for states and districts was developed by practitioners in the field through the National Forum on Education Statistics. It is designed to assist school staff in protecting the confidentiality of student data.

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New Topic Pages: Early Childhood Education And Social, Emotional, And Behavioral Influences On Learning

Four children at a desk in classroomLearn more about what IES is doing across the Centers on these important topics.

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