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WWC Reviews the Research on Social Belonging

Social Belonging interventions for college students aim to reduce the impact of negative stereotypes that may burden students in underrepresented groups and affect their persistence in college. Social Belonging had mixed effects on academic achievement and progressing in college and no discernible effects on college >> More info


WWC Reviews the Research on Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset interventions encourage students to view intelligence as a malleable characteristic that grows with effort. The WWC found that Growth Mindset interventions have potentially positive effects on academic achievement and no discernible effects on progressing in college or college enrollment >> More info


Now Available: Online Regression Discontinuity Design Training

The What Works Clearinghouse Regression Discontinuity Design training is now available online. This free training allows researchers and potential reviewers to become certified reviewers by viewing video modules and taking a certification exam at their own pace. >> More info


Resources for Educators

Resources for Educators

Visit our resources for educators page to access videos, webinars, and other helpful materials with guidance on evidence-based practices.

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