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Released: November 2013
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This practice guide provides five recommendations for teaching math to children in preschool, prekindergarten, and kindergarten. Each recommendation includes implementation steps and solutions for common roadblocks. The recommendations also summarize and rate supporting evidence. This guide is geared toward teachers, administrators, and other educators who want to build a strong foundation for later math learning.

Teach number and operations using a developmental progression.

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Teach geometry, patterns, measurement, and data analysis using a developmental progression.

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Use progress monitoring to ensure that math instruction builds on what each child knows.

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Teach children to view and describe their world mathematically.

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Dedicate time each day to teaching math, and integrate math instruction throughout the school day.

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Education Levels:
  • Prekindergarten
  • Elementary
  • Administrators
  • Parent/Family
  • Teacher

This practice guide was prepared for the WWC by Mathematica under contract ED-IES-13-C-0010.

The following research staff contributed to the guide: Cay Bradley, Elizabeth Cavadel, Julia Lyskawa, Libby Makowsky, Moira McCullough, Bryce Onaran, and Michael Barna.

  • Douglas Frye (Chair)
    University of Pennsylvania
  • Arthur J. Baroody
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and University of Denver
  • Margaret Burchinal
    University of North Carolina
  • Sharon M. Carver
    Carnegie Mellon University Children’s School
  • Nancy C. Jordan
    University of Delaware
  • Judy McDowell
    School District of Philadelphia

The practice guide is accompanied by supplemental resources, including a practice guide summary and quick overview for understanding the guide. The guide is also available in e-book format. Click below to access any of the available resources.

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