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College Access Assign adult advocates to students at risk of dropping out. Offer academic support and enrichment to improve academic performance. Personalize the learning environment and instructional process. Deliver rigorous instruction to better engage students and provide the skills needed to graduate.

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Schools should:
  • Choose adults who are committed to students’ success
  • Match students and advocates
  • Keep caseloads low
  • Train advocates to address personal and academic needs both in and out of school
Strategies include:
  • Establishing small learning communities
  • Establishing team teaching
  • Creating smaller classes
  • Creating extended learning time
  • Encouraging student participation in extracurricular activities
Strategies include:
  • Providing individual or small group support in test-taking, study skills, or subject areas such as reading, writing, or math
  • Providing opportunities for credit recovery and accumulation through after school, Saturday school, or summer enrichment programs
Strategies include:
  • Integrating academic content with career and skill-based themes through career academies or multiple pathways models
  • Hosting career days and opportunities for work-related experiences and college visits
  • Providing students with information about college demands
  • Partnering with local businesses to provide work-related experience

Staying on TrackStaying On Track
High school dropouts typically earn $9,000 less per year than graduates and $260,000 less over their lifetimes.1,2 They also contribute only about half as much in taxes and draw larger government subsidies. Dropouts are much more likely to land in prison, and they have worse health outcomes and lower life expectancies. Resources from the WWC practice guide, Dropout Prevention, can help support students at risk of dropout.

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